We here at Videomaker have always shared a happy symbiotic relationship with the wedding videographers of America.

In many respects, these wedding videographers represent our Readers with a capital “R”. They make video–and they make it for profit. They are the archetypal video pioneers–among the first to use consumer gear for professional work. Through their persistence and ingenuity, they have single-handedly created a profitable niche for themselves where none existed before. Once a novelty, the wedding video now plays an indispensable role in the American wedding–as much a valued tradition as the wedding cake or the bridal bouquet.

At Videomaker we have accompanied wedding videographers on this precedent-setting journey, providing the information they required to learn the craft of videomaking and exploit its profit potential. We did–and continue to do–our best to inspire and enlighten these wedding videographers as they cut their teeth on the lucrative bridal market.

Today, many of our early readers are now masters of the fine art of wedding video. They continue to rely on Videomaker for product information, but often feel—and rightly so–that they should be writing the articles on technique, not reading them. When it comes to making video, these seasoned and successful professionals rely more on their own experience, skill and talent than on Videomaker. That’s as it should be; it proves that we’ve done our job teaching and they’ve done theirs learning.

However, some wedding videographers have come to resent our editorial efforts. They see our mission to inform and educate videomakers as a threat to their hard-won success. This resentment is easy to understand; the playing field of wedding videography in the nineties is a crowded one. And there’s no reason to think this crowding will abate any time soon.

Nonetheless, this attitude is short-sighted. In truth, we stand now at the brink of a video revolution. In this country alone there are 80 million VCRs crying for content. Soon, more than 1000 channels will join the chorus. Not to mention the hunger for video in the corporate world as well as the private sector, a hunger guaranteed to grow.

A wealth of new markets and opportunities awaits the resourceful videomakers of America. Wedding videographers have proven nothing if not resourceful. They’ve already conquered the world of wedding video; there’s a whole universe of video worlds out there just waiting to be explored.

Let’s explore these new worlds together; we did it once, and we can do it again. And while we’re at it, let’s embrace the new videomakers on the block. Let’s encourage them and educate them and apprentice them.

After all, we were all beginners once, too.

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