How to Land a Corporate Video Gig

A corporation can be anything from a local furniture store to a massive manufacturer. Both however have very similar video needs. When searching for work be careful not to neglect the opportunities that exist in your own neighborhood.

Once you have set your sights on the corporate video production landscape you should consider what form your employment should take. Do you wish to remain independent, owning your own business and equipment and working as a freelance contractor (while continuing to pay the ever lovely self-employment tax)? In this case your past work, experience and referrals will likely be sufficient to land you some corporate jobs. As far as the work itself, you can expect to be responsible for all aspects of production; from scripting to delivery.

Alternatively, would you prefer instead working as a salaried, benefitted employee in a fully outfitted corporate in-house studio? Here you will probably require at least an Associate’s degree in video production in addition to a certain amount of experience. Depending on the size of the production team, your responsibilities will vary and can range from a single task to doing it all — aka you, alone, are the production team.

On Being Aware

Begin to notice all the opportunities that exist for corporate video. You will discover that the possibilities are endless. Observe the ever-engaging display at the gas pump the next time you stop for gas. Who are the companies advertising there? What about the digital billboard high in the sky across from the coffee shop you’re sitting in. Which companies’ ads could use a facelift — one that only you can provide? Write them down; call them. Part of being in business is selling yourself. You’re the best, and after all, they deserve the best don’t they? They just haven’t met you yet.

Video is everywhere. Walk into a real estate office or a bank or the dentist’s office and you’re likely to see a looping video describing your next awesome home, the greatest home loan with which to buy that awesome home or the latest breakthrough in dentistry to ensure you will have the best possible smile when showing off your new home. Opportunities are everywhere!

Be aware also of the abundance of video on the internet. Company websites and YouTube channels are filled with it! Some of it is pretty good but a lot of it needs your help. Conversely, many companies don’t use video on their website and many don’t even have a YouTube channel! That’s a huge mistake. Properly tagging and posting good video content to your YouTube channel is considered a fast way to raise your Google search rankings. Anyone ever hear of SEO? And just who is YouTube’s parent company anyway? If some good samaritan could find and inform these companies of the great opportunities they’re missing out on — and of how exactly they can help — they would likely find themselves with plenty of steady work.

If some good samaritan could find and inform these companies of the great opportunities they’re missing out on — and of how exactly they can help — they would likely find themselves with plenty of steady work.

And by good video content, we mean content that has value to the intended audience, the potential customer, and of course, to the company. A recent search found a fiber communications company with a couple of videos on their channel showing a man sleeping on the loading dock and on the warehouse floor. That’s it, just sleeping. They probably thought it was funny but what message does this send to the viewer? Like we said, good, relevant content.

Other searches found channels with a handful of videos that were posted two or three years ago. Again, what message does this send? Postings should be current. Who is going to subscribe to a channel that only posts once every year or so?

What does all this have to do with landing a corporate gig? These are companies who need your help. This is one method of finding them. Once found, contact them. Talk to them about raising their search rankings with video and how it will lead to increased business. Tell them how you can help and show them the quality of your work.

Excellence in Content

What kind of videos should you produce for them? Try this list for starters:

  • Client/Customer testimonials
  • Biographies of staff or key personnel
  • Company information – history; philosophy, process or technologies that set them apart; corporate mission statement
  • Internal training – training staff about products, procedures, selling
  • Educational – teaching customers how to use a product or service
  • Product videos – describe the product in detail, its use, service, troubleshooting, repair; 500 products in the corporate catalogue = 500 videos
  • Company milestones – corporate anniversary; new President; new CEO; new building; new technology
  • Look around and add more to the list!

Three Steps to Finding Work

First, observe! As previously mentioned; look everywhere – where are you right now? Look around you and take note of the possibilities – then call somebody.

Second, networking is king. Go through your client list. You’ve done great work for them; they love you right? They’ve probably already given you referrals. Now ask them about the company they work for, that their spouse works for, that their brother works for. Does their company have video on its website; do they have a YouTube channel? Ask for an introduction and offer your services. Network in this way with everyone you know, from your church — Does your church use, or need to use, video? Hmmmm — to your social club to your networking group.

Third, look online. As I write this there are 664 Corporate Video Producer jobs listed on and 9,584 at

Opportunity Is Everywhere

More and more companies are realizing the importance of putting video to work for them. Ever hear the phrase, “Find a need and fill it?” Find those companies that are in need, show them that you are the one to fill that need, and you may soon find yourself also in need – of a personal assistant. Happy hunting!

Contributing Editor Mark Holder is a video producer and trainer.

Mark Holder
Mark Holder
Mark Holder is a video producer and trainer.

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