Blackmagic Design: DaVinci Resolve 11 Review

Screen grab of the editing interface.


My thoughts exactly

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I dithered with earlier 'Lite' versions of this software, then took the plunge with v11. The learning-curve is steepish for a start, but the possibilities amost unlimited. For the amateur, though, with just occasional shots to deal with, 'Resolve' might be seen to impose it's own workflow practices to an extent.  Best kept for the commencement of  fresh and previously untouched project, where 'Resolve' may be used from the outset. Also, there are excellent tutorials, in an easily assimilated modular format available from a British source, which I have found to be particularly valuable, For example, I was wrong-footed when first populating the programme with shots, by the fact that the 'Lite' version did not accept the format I was using. A change to 'Pro-Res' cured that, but use at the appropriate bit-rates caused the purchase of several more hard-drives. However, don't let such details put you off, this is seriously good software. 


Ian Smith

Dunedin, New Zealand