How to Properly Use a Wireless Lavalier Microphone

How to Use a Wireless Lav


Michael Speer

Couldn't be a more well written article on the importance of lavaliers. We stress this on all of our shoots at our production company. Thanks again Videomaker for antother great article!

I, too, enjoyed the article.

tvbug5's picture

I, too, enjoyed the article. I hadn't yet been exposed to some of the more "clandestine" mounting techniques. One thing I do have experience with but wasn't mentioned in the article: Another downside of lapel clips is hair and jewelry. Long (enough) hair and/or low-drooping necklaces can make contact with the mic (and therefore seemingly disproportional amounts of noise) when the subject turns their head or leans forward. Be wary of these things when locating the mic!