How to Use Text the Right Way in Video

Lower thirds example


How Long

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How long should the text remain on the screen? Is there a rule of thumb? Like, 2 seconds for the first 16 characters and 1 additional second for each 10 characters after that.


Rule of thumb

My rule of thumb is to leave it on screen long enough to read it three times, though sometimes that can be excessive.

Mike Wilhelm

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What size is ideal for text

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Hi Mike,
With this article we do have an idea about Texting, what type, its location etc... but you never give us a rule or a size recommendation. For example how big is too big and how small is too small? Normally what size would be typical? and what type of font would be decent, and last but not least what color should we use for those font?. I edit video constantly but always confused as to what type of font should I use, and what size is typical and what color etc...
Thanks for any feed back.

Writing an essay?

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Are you in the right forum? We are talking about texting "in a Video" (size and font etc...) and you are trying to sell your product in writing?