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HD in Your Hand

The JVC GR-HD1 is an HD camcorder featuring single 1.18 megapixel 16×9 CCD imager, capable of shooting HD at 720/30p and SD at 480/60 (either progressive or interlaced). The camcorder can also shoot standard DV at 480/60i. Other features include an optical image stabilizer, still image capture and two XLR microphone inputs.

(800) 582-5825

Suggested Retail Price: $3,500

Hard Drivin’

Maxtor’s Personal Storage 5000DV family is a group of 7,200 rpm FireWire/USB 2.0 hard drives that includes Maxtor’s OneTouch button for convenient backups via the included Dantz Retrospect Express backup software (both Macintosh and PC versions provided). The drives includes an 8MB cache for improved performance.

(800) 2-MAXTOR

Suggested Retail Prices: 120GB: $300, 200GB: $400


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Canon’s New StarZ

Canon has introduced a new line of ZR camcorders, the ZR60, ZR65MC and the ZR70MC. All include electronic image stabilization, a 2.5" LCD, a Color Night Mode feature and a 680,000 pixel CCD. The ZR60 features an 18x optical zoom lens, while the ZR65MC increases the optical zoom to 20X, adds an SD Card slot for still shooting and includes a USB port. The ZR70MC has a 22x optical zoom lens and bundles with a wide-angle conversion lens.

(800) 828-4040

Suggested retail price: ZR60: $599, ZR65MC: $699, ZR70MC: $799

The Pivoting Viewcams

Sharp’s new "Z" line of Viewcams can be used one-handed (as opposed to Sharp’s previous two-hand Viewcams). The new line features a pivoting optical section and Sharp’s new 2.5-inch CG Silicon LCD, which is claimed to perform better in bright sunlight. The VL-Z3U adds an SD card slot and a USB port to the VL-Z1U’s base package. The VL-Z5U includes a remote control and the VL-Z7U utilizes a 1.3 Megapixel CCD and a built-in flash.

(800) BE-SHARP

Suggested retail price: VL-Z1U: $600, VL-Z3U: $700, VL-Z5U: $800, VL-Z7U: $900

Two for One

NRG Research’s Schriber Acoustic division introduces the SA-568 dual-pattern condenser shotgun microphone, allowing you to switch between standard cardioid and hypercardioid Tele settings for use in a number of audio acquisition circumstances.

(800) 753-0357

Suggested Retail Price: $140

A New Crop of PowerBooks

Apple’s PowerBook G4 line now includes both the smallest and largest displays. Both include, DVD-ROM/CD-RW drives, FireWire and Bluetooth. The 12" model utilizes an 867MHz G4 processor and 256MB of DDR memory, while the 17" model features a 1GHz processor and 512MB of DDR memory. Mac OS X 10.2 and iMovie 3 round out both packages.

(800) MY-APPLE

Suggested Retail Prices: 12": $1,799; 17": $3,299

DVD by Panasonic

Panasonic’s new VDR-M30 DVD camcorder features a 2.5" LCD and a 10X optical zoom. It can record VBR-compressed video onto 8cm DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs, as well as capture still images onto SD cards. It features a narrower body than Panasonic’s previous DVD camcorders, and a 1/4" CCD. Without a battery or a disc, it weighs only 1.1 lbs.

(800) 211-PANA

Suggested Retail Price: $900

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