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Final Cut For Less

Final Cut Express is targeted at small business users, educators, students and advanced hobbyists. It boasts the same interface and workflow as Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Express projects can also be directly loaded into Final Cut Pro. Output options include DVD export, print-to-tape and QuickTime export.

(800) MY-APPLE

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Burn It

Toshiba’s RD-X2 burns DVD-R and DVD-RAM discs, and includes an 80GB hard drive. You can bring in your own video via its composite and S-video inputs, or attach it to your off-air antenna or cable and time-shift TV programs. The machine can also perform cuts-only editing of content recorded on the hard drive and burn the edited program to DVD.
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Auto Burner

muvee’s new autoProducer DVD Edition lets users save finished muvees to DVD-ready MPEG-2 files that can then be dragged to a DVD-authoring program to be burned onto blank DVD media. autoProducer DVD Edition also supports SVCD-ready MPEG-2 formats, allowing users to print their productions onto low-cost CD-R/RW media that is compatible with many consumer DVD players.

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DVD by Samsung

Samsung arrives at the DVD burning party with the SR-T03 DVD-R/-RW drive, which burns DVD-R and DVD-RAM discs at 2x, DVD-RW discs at 1x, CD-Rs at 12x and CD-RWs at 8x. It reads DVD-ROM discs at 12x and reads CD-ROMs at 32x.


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Bare Drive: $299

Kit: $349

Double Your Pleasure

TDK’s Indi DVD AID+040212 can burn both DVD-R and DVD+R media at 4x, along with DVD-RW at 2x and DVD+RW at 2.4x. The Indi DVD AID+420N can burn DVD+R at 4x and DVD+RW at 2.4x (without the DVD-R/-RW capability). They both read DVDs at 12x, read CDs at 40x, rip CD audio at 32x, write CD-Rs at 16x, and write CD-RWs at 10x.
(800) 835-8273

Suggested Retail Price:
AID+420N: $349

AID+040212: TBA

Make a Montage

Arboretum Systems’ new Montage 1.0 editing software was developed to be 100% native Mac OS X code, including G4 processor awareness. Montage does not use discrete tracks, but rather lets you drag clips anywhere within the timeline.

(800) 700-7390

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A True Pioneer

Pioneer’s new DVR-A05 DVD-R/-RW drive can burn DVD-R media at speeds up to 4x when using media that can support high-speed burns, yielding a complete disc in approximately 15 minutes. The drive can also burn CD-Rs at 16x. The included software provides quick formatting for DVD-RW media, and can cope with discs with uneven curvature or thickness.


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