No manual white balance? Don't despair...

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No manual white balance? Don’t despair…

I have been using this trick to make my camera set a more accurate white balance with my Sony Digital8 camera when shooting indoors.

One often finds when using a video camera with automatic white balance only that the colors one gets under indoor lights are not correct: either too pink or greenish depending on the lights.

You can get a much better setting with your camera by setting your focus on a white wall, a card or even a shirt on the stage you are shooting at, leave the focus as set, turn the camera off, then turn it on again while it is still pointed at the white. The camera then sets itself to the actual white in the room and you will get a much improved color tint. You must not shut off the camera or you will have to reset the white, but you can pause.

I have tried this on other cameras with automatic white balance and it seems to really do the trick.

Debra Arbuckle

Alameda, CA

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Ball State University Invests in AVID

Are you thinking about getting a degree in Communications? Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana would like you to know that they have just invested in more than 70 Avid workstations as a part of the University’s iCommunication initiative, funded by the Lilly Endowment, Inc. The completed facility will feature Avid systems for training students in video and audio postproduction and broadcasting, running the gamut from Avid Xpress DV 3.5 editing studios, Avid NewsCutter XP systems, Digidesign Pro Tools|HD systems for audio post work and one Avid|DS HD system for high-end editing and finishing.

According to Scott R. Olson, Ball State’s Dean of the College of Communication, Information and Media, "This is a wonderful opportunity for our iCommunication students to experience Avid’s state-of-the-art digital technology. We’re excited to offer a program that makes Ball State students invaluable to the media content market."

Ball State is utilizing Avid equipment behind the scenes as well, including one Avid Unity MediaNetwork and one Avid Unity LANshare system, allowing students to work with the same files, both compressed and uncompressed media, in real time, whether students are editing, finishing or working on graphics or audio.


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