Sorenson Broadcaster for Windows Allows for Easy Streaming

Toaster, Take Two

New and improved from the original Video Toaster, NewTek has released Video Toaster [2]. The latest system design includes live switching, real-time editing of compressed and uncompressed media and Internet streaming of both edited productions and live events. NewTek touts that it is all you need to create and distribute television.

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The new LaCie external DVD-R/CD-RW Combo drive with FireWire connectivity can burn data, video and audio onto all general CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-R discs. The drive is compatible with Macintosh G4 workstations, PowerBooks, iMacDVs and FireWire-enabled PCs running Windows 98, SE or 2000.

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Streaming for All

The Sorenson Broadcaster for Windows, from Sorenson Media, enables users to stream live audio and video or archive it to a local drive for later use. The easy-to-use program provides pre-defined settings that allow users to start broadcasting without extensive knowledge of codecs or streaming architectures. Viewers are able to watch the broadcast from a QuickTime player on Windows or Mac OS.

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Taking the Stage

MainActor, a new editing software from Dazzle, includes timeline editing, text overlays, special effects, music, narration and sound effects. Other features include 2D/3D transitions, 3D titling and real-time previewing. MainActor is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and Me PCs.

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Portable Prompting

The EZ Prompter from Barber Tech is a prompting solution for semi-pro and pro videographers. It holds up to two minutes of text, weighs approximately two pounds and does not require an operator or external power. It works with all inner focus (IF) lenses with 85mm openings; adapters are available for lenses with different ring sizes.


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Monitor More

A high resolution, 13-inch monitor with 750 lines of resolution and 16:9 and 4:3 screen ratios is now available from JVC Professional. The TM-H1375SU has two composite and S-video inputs as well as bridged audio inputs. It also features picture adjustments and underscan ability.

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Details, Details

Tiffen’s MegaPlus Conversion Lenses are designed for the newer megapixel cameras of today’s market. The product line includes nine lenses with varying magnifications in the categories of wide-angle, telephoto and closeup. The lenses are available in 30mm, 37mm and 43mm thread sizes.

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$40 – $100 per lens

Express Yourself on DVD

Express from Pinnacle Systems allows users to burn DVD player-compatible video from a CD-R drive. Express software converts digital video to MPEG-2 video and automatically creates an index menu for each scene. Basic editing capabilities include trimming, splitting, deleting and re-ordering of scenes. According to Pinnacle, the resulting DVDs will play in 60 to 70 percent of existing DVD players.

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Roll ’em

Designed to set up in less than two minutes, the MICRODOLLY Basic Kit Camera Dolly and Track System can carry up to 100 pounds of camera gear. It weighs 10 pounds and fits into a 34-inch-long soft-case bag. The Basic Kit comes with 13 feet of track; additional curved and straight track is available, as well as a wide array of accessories.

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Sun Block

Raider Productions introduces the i-cuff for the consumer market. The cup, made from waterproof, washable and lightweight fabric, is designed to eliminate all extraneous light from entering the viewfinder. The i-cuff can rotate 45 degrees counter-clockwise, allowing it to shade the viewfinder from a variety of shooting positions.

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