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MaxVision’s MaxPac 7200NLE is a transportable workstation specifically designed for the post production professional on the go. It includes a 17-inch digital flat panel and dual-Pentium III processors with 4GB standard memory. For airplane travel, its all-aluminum case will fit comfortably under the seat or in the overhead compartment.

(800) 533-5805
Suggested retail price range:
$9,950 to $15,000

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Pinnacle’s Hollywood FX delivers 3D editing based on polygon-rendering technology, similar to animation programs. Entry-levels Copper and Bronze feature 100 3D transitions and effects, with user-friendly controls. Pro-level Silver has 200 transitions and effects plus FX Editor. Full-power Gold offers 300 3D transitions and effects plus compositing. Optional plug-ins offer more features and creative control.

(800) 982-7295
Suggested retail prices:
$100 Copper, $300 Bronze,
$700 Silver, $1,500 Gold

It Takes Two

Why choose between a DVD-ROM drive and a CD-RW? AEMDVRW8XUM, the USB version of Addonics’ new mobile DVD/CD-RW drive, lets you plug a two-drive combo into your notebook or PC with Win98/SE/2000/Me operating systems. It includes MPEG-2 decoding and CD-mastering software. A FireWire cable is available for a separate purchase.

(510) 438-6530
Suggested retail price:

Music Magix

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab lets you restore the sound quality of old records, cassettes, CDs and MP3s. You can eliminate hisses and crackles, level out stereo volume and clean up damage. Sixteen professional effects like reverb and echo can be applied with the click of a mouse. CD-burning software is included.

(888) TO-MAGIX
Suggested retail price:

3001 Tripod Odyssey

There have been a few engineering changes to Bogen’s Manfrotto 3001 series tripod legs. The three lightweight, portable models offer greater stability, lower shooting positions and an improved, multi-faceted center column that eliminates unwanted rotation. They’re available in aluminum or black. Kits with heads are also available.

(201) 818-9500
Suggested retail prices range from:
$117 (3001BN legs only) to
$237 (3001BD with a 3130 QR Micro Fluid Head)

Streaming MPEG-4

SoftStream by Media Excel is a live, real-time MPEG-4 encoding software package. It provides DVD-quality (full D1 resolution) MPEG-4 video encoding with Windows 98/NT/2000. SoftStream can encode a 16-second .avi to MPEG-4 in four seconds on a 1GHz PC. It is a cross-platform software that can run off Windows, Linux/Unix or Macintosh.

(512) 832-8700
Suggested retail price:

Spank Me

Spank, the "hard-hitting" new production elements package from Network Music, offers 381 "striking" sound tracks on four CDs. Vol. 1 offers unusual audio logos. Vol. 2 contains drum effects, loops and atmospheres. Vol. 3 has sweeps, guitars, winds and flybys. Vol. 4 includes glides, lasers, drones, synth effects and other "missileaneous sounds.

(800) 854-2075
Suggested retail price:
$500 for series, $150 for each CD

On the Go

AIST’s MovieDVsuite editing software, aimed at PC laptop and notebook editors, includes a FireWire card and connector cable. The software features four video tracks, two audio tracks, 16 video effects, four audio effects with adjustable parameters, 30 transitions and a Roll and Marquee titler.

(360) 594-4250
Suggested retail price:

Loopy Tunes

ACID PRO 3.0 from Sonic Foundry is loop-based music creation software used to create songs, remix tracks, develop music beds, score videos and develop music for Web sites and Flash animations. There are unlimited tracks of audio to work with. It can save to .wav, .wma, .rm, .avi, and MP3 file formats. It works with Windows 98/2000/Me.

(800) 577-6642
Suggested retail price:

Ducky Plug-In

OMF Compostition Import from Automatic Duck Inc. is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects 5.0. It streamlines the process of importing projects into After Effects from Avid editing systems. OMF Composition Import can transfer an entire Avid timeline into After Effects 5.0 and import all the media necessary to recreate a complete project.

(206) 618-0228
Suggested retail prices:

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