Call for Entries

Enter the 15th Annual Videomaker/Panasonic Short Video Contest! Anyone with a great video, five minutes or shorter, is welcome. Teens, seniors and in-betweeners; newcomers and old hands; those with fancy studios or handheld camcorders – send ’em in! Bonus points will be awarded for creative use of limited equipment.

In addition to Grand, First, Second and Third prizes, and awards for Best Young Videographer, Best Senior Videographer and Best Streaming Video, we are adding four new prize categories to encourage exploration of short formats. They are: Best Music Video, Best Commercial, Best Comedy Short and Best Disc-based Video (that is, any short submitted on an optical disc).

To enter, fill out the entry form and send us your finest video short on one of the approved formats or post your video on the Web and send us your URL (see complete Entry Guidelines). Make sure we receive your entry by Sept. 30, 2001, and please, keep it to five minutes or less.

We eagerly await entries of all genres. Though we will award prizes in several specialized categories (music, comedy, commercials, etc.), all video categories are encouraged.

Entries will be judged for content and creativity, as well as technical proficiency in camera work, lighting, sound, edit pacing and overall production quality. (See Judging Criteria sidebar for more details.)

All winners will be announced in a future issue of Videomaker and will receive free passes to attend all events at our 2002 West Coast Videomaker Expo, including a special Expo celebration showcasing the winning entries.

So, get shooting – our judges are waiting to show your work to the world!

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.