Panasonic Introduces DVD Camcorder at CES 2001

Panasonic Introduces DVD Camcorder at CES 2001

One of the big announcements from CES 2001 in Las Vegas was Panasonic’s new VDR-M10 DVD camcorder. The VDR-M10 records digital video and still images onto removable three-inch optical DVD-RAM discs. Also announced was the Panasonic 2.4GB recordable DVD disc. Both are scheduled for release this spring. There were no prices available at press time.

Panasonic says the VDR-M10 should make disc navigation and editing simple by allowing instant access to recorded scenes without searching. Initial images of video scenes are indexed and displayed as thumbnails. When beginning a new recording the camcorder automatically finds blank space on the disc.

Other features include a 3.5-inch color LCD monitor, digital electronic image stabilization, built-in flash, USB interface and 12x optical and 48x digital zoom.

New Digital Media Solutions Unveiled at Streaming Media West 2000

At Streaming Media West 2000, Steve Ballmer, president and CEO of Microsoft Corp., announced the availability of Windows Media Audio and Video 8.

According to Ballmer, the Windows Media Audio and Video 8 digital media compression technology crosses the 500Kbps threshold for delivering near DVD quality video over the Internet. This is good news for videographers who aren’t satisfied with the low resolution and poor image quality associated with present streaming video options.

During his keynote address, Ballmer also highlighted a pioneering step by NTT DoCoMo, a leader in wireless Internet, that will bring streaming media to the wireless world.

NTT DoCoMo has launched a commercial service that uses Windows Media to deliver streamed audio and video to cell phones. The Eggy, which allows cell phone users in Japan to watch short videos and to capture video images via a high-speed Personal Handyphone System network, was recently demonstrated.

The Eggy and the new service are only available in Japan but sources say they may become available

worldwide in the next few years.

MGI Software and Sony Partner

MGI Software Corporation has announced a new licensing agreement with Sony Corporation which allows MGI to supply versions of its popular PhotoSuite and Video- Wave 4 software in multiple languages with the new line of digital video Sony Handycam Camcorders.

"We have always maintained that our commitment, partnerships and investments in Japan would be strategically significant," said Anthony DeCristofaro, MGI

President and CEO. "This agreement verifies that commitment, as it expands on the existing relationships we have established with Sony over the years."


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Media 100 Launches CineStream

CineStream EventStream, Media 100’s new Web video authoring software, will support direct output of QuickTime streaming files and direct export to Cleaner 5 for streaming media in RealSystems and Windows Media formats directly from the timeline.

Media 100 CineStream features special effects and animation features such as pan, zoom and rotate with true perspective, chroma and luma keyers, titles with backgrounds, shadows and 2D and 3D keying effects for video layering.

Mac and PC versions of CineStream are scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2001 with an expected retail price of $499.

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