Videomaker Better than Playboy
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I have been reading your magazine for about six years now. I don’t know if I am just getting older or what, but my wife had bought me a subscription to Playboy about three years ago. I can honestly say that I look forward to receiving Videomaker magazine more than Playboy. I never thought I would ever say that. I guess I’ve just always known a good thing when I see one! Thanks for all the information that you pack in your magazine. It’s the best of all time.

R. Neely

Dallas, TX

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I have been an avid reader of Videomaker for over four years and it has taken me from an occasional shooter to head of a production company which has finishing up its first feature project. I am a Mac person. I know you cover Macs on a regular basis and you can probably quote figures on what percentage of video people use Macs better than I can.

My suggestion is that any software or hardware that Videomaker reviews should list no Mac support as a weakness. I am specifically concerned about the Streaming, Anyone? article on page 54 of the October issue that reviews Sonic Foundry’s Stream Anywhere 1.0 software. How many people are left out of "Anyone" due to the fact the software has no support for Macintosh systems?

Companies like Sonic Foundry say that there is not enough demand for a Mac version. Videomaker should be part of that demand which would make many of your readers happier.

Mark Mervich

The Internet

Thanks for writing, Mark. We base the reviews that we write on the value of the product to the manufacturer’s targeted buyer. As such, it would be difficult for us to criticize a company for the portion of the market that they do or do not target. If we did that, we’d have to criticize Macs for not running Windows!

We love our Mac-using readers and will continue to report on Mac developments and video editing products for Macs.

You’re Not Alone

Four years ago, my husband bought me my first camcorder to take on trips. Around the same time, I heard about a national conference of amateur video producers being held in my own city, San Diego. I attended the conference (SAVAC – the Society of Amateur Videomakers and Cinematographers) and was so excited to see, through viewing others’ works, how to use my camcorder beyond travelogues.

I wrote a script for a one minute SAVAC contest, called Magic Moments. I videotaped the piece with my friends as actors, and used royalty-free music that I purchased. With that piece, I won my first contest a trophy, a check and a certificate!

I was elated and started working on my second and third scripts after attending the Videomaker Expo in Burbank. I learned so much from the classes and the three training videos that I purchased there.

That same year I attended a SAVAC conference in Pasadena where I took part in workshops, previewed contestant’s tapes and networked with other amateurs from all over the country.

I would like others who feel they are "out there alone" making videos to know about the existence of organizations that provide opportunities for networking and a chance to make videos for national competition.

Joyce Axelrod

San Diego, CA

Enthused High School Student

I am a student enrolled in the TV production class and the morning news program at my High School. We broadcast our daily news class throughout the entire school.

We learn advanced editing skills, news airing skills, camera skills and script writing techniques that they teach in college courses. I have worked on three editing suites. In addition to nonlinear editing, we also learn linear editing.

I have been a subscriber to your magazine just for the last few issues. I absolutely love it! I read each issue as soon as it arrives. I know that my teacher and many of my classmates read your magazine, too.

Ben Beck

Kearns, UT

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