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You’re the Publisher

Avid’s ePublisher USB Edition software allows you to create and publish interactive digital media via the Web, DVD, CD-ROM and other digital formats. ePublisher features a tab-style user interface, storyboards and tutorials that guide you through the process of creating a presentation. Push-button encoding and publishing lets you publish to multiple formats including QuickTime, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, .asf and .mov.

(800) 949-AVID

Suggested retail price: $625

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How to Make a

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Dynamic Graphics has released a new series of royalty-free special effects stock footage. The 21 new digitally created titles include alpha channels for creating image mattes and many of the clips are designed for endless looping. Some of the new titles include explosions, storm clouds and fire and film effects. You can purchase each title on CD individually or as a thematic collection.

(800) 255-8800

Suggested retail price for downloads only: $499 per collection or $249-$299 per individual title

Sporty Tripods

Bogen Photo Corporation has two new additions to their Gitzo Mk2 Mountaineer line of sport tripods. Bogen made the three section G1127 and four section G1128 from carbon fiber. They weigh 2-1/2 pounds and 2-5/8 pounds respectively. Features include a grooved rapid center column to prevent rotation, a stainless steel weight hook and rubber grip locks. Both tripods have a load capacity of up to 11 lbs. The G1127 closes to 22-7/8 inches and the G1128 18-7/8 inches.

(201) 818-9500

Suggested retail price: $613 (G1127) and $724 (G1128)

Dazzle Em

Dazzle Multimedia introduces Dazzle EmMe, a USB video capture device available for Windows Me. Dazzle EmMe’s single cable allows users with the Movie Maker software that is included with Windows Me to capture video from any camcorder for display on the Internet.

(888) 436-4348

Suggested retail price: $50

Take a Walk, Man

Sony Electronics introduces a Digital8 Video Walkman VCR. The GV-D800 Video Walkman has FireWire interface and assemble editing, which allows you to assemble 20 scenes automatically. Features include still, slow motion and frame-by-frame advance, a four-inch color LCD screen and built-in stereo speakers. The unit is also a fully functional playback and record deck.

(888) 315-SONY

Suggested retail price: $900

Let’s Share

Pinnacle Systems new Studio OnLine comes with their Studio editing software and a USB cable for transferring video to the PC for uploading to the Web. The Studio software enables users to edit and add titles, scene transitions, music, narration and special effects. Along with the package, all Studio OnLine owners will receive a free membership in the Studio OnLine video sharing Web site.

(650) 526-1600

Suggested retail price: $69

Start Recording at the Tone

The VDR-1000DV from Datavideo is a stand-alone video disk recorder that records digital or analog video and audio onto a CD, either CD-R or CD-RW, in real time. The VDR-1000DV comes with FireWire, S-video, composite and stereo audio input and output. It features two mike inputs with volume controls and built-in software color processor.

(888) 809-DATA

Suggested retail price: $1,500

All Spruced Up

SpruceUp personal DVD authoring software from Spruce Technologies allows you to create, produce and distribute multimedia content with broadband DVD quality and Web interactivity on a CD. SpruceUp comes with designer templates, a tutorial and tips and operates on Windows 98, 2000 and the new Windows Me platform. SpruceUp supports direct connection to DVD recorders for creating discs and a redistribute button that allows a user to share their production with others.

(888) 355-MPEG

Suggested retail price: $129

Take the Plunge

Band Pro introduces Scubacam SurfAce housings for video cameras. Designed to protect from harsh or wet environments, Band Pro has made Scubacam SurfAce housings of up to 2.5mm flexible latex and sealed them with heavy-duty watertight zippers. You achieve camera control through an integral glove that accesses iris, focus and zoom controls.

A 4mm tempered optical flat front port is polymer-coated to allow water to run off quickly. Housings are available for many different camcorder models and prices vary accordingly.

(888) 226-3776

Suggested retail price: $735 (Unit for Sony PD100 shown)

Clean Up On Aisle 5

Cleaner 5 from Terran Interactive is an interactive streaming media design solution that the company claims will allow Internet broadcasters and Web designers to create streaming media content for the Web in four steps. Users can capture, author, encode and publish video using most streaming media formats including QuickTime, RealSystem, Windows Media, MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and more.


Suggested retail price: $599

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