Panasonic Mini DV Camcorder

The AG-DVC10 is the latest addition to Panasonic’s new DV PROLINE. The new 3-CCD Mini DV camcorder weighs just 4.8 pounds and features FireWire digital interface, a 12x optical zoom lens, manual focus and iris, neutral density filter and a built-in stereo mike and an external mike input.
(800) 528-8601
Suggested retail price $2,595

Real Suite

AIST Inc’s MovieDVsuite is a digital video editing bundle that includes a PCI FireWire card, cable and editing software. The MovieDVsuite editing and compositing tools software includes four video tracks, two audio tracks, 16 video effects and four audio effects all with adjustable parameters, 30 transitions and a roll and marquee titler.
(888) 558-3348
Suggested retail price $99

iMac Mania

Apple’s new line of iMacs feature two DV Special Editions, Graphite and Snow, that come equipped with Apple’s new iMovie 2 editing software. Both have a 500MHz PowerPC G3, 30GB of hard disk space, slot-loaded DVD-ROM drives and two FireWire ports.

(800) 795-1000
Suggested retail price $1,499


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Carry On

Saft America Inc. has added four new camcorder bags and a custom-designed backpack to their lineup of Polaroid accessories. The bags are available in two sizes: 10 1/2-inch and 12 3/4-inch. The bag and backpack are made with 600D polyester material and feature outer pockets, a removable and adjustable shoulder strap and padded carry handle. The backpack is available with multiple detachable bag and carry options.
(800) 328-9146
Suggested retail price From $30 to $60

Get Organized

The CableStable from RoadWired is a new storage solution for cables, adapters, batteries and other electronics necessities. The CableStable system is a zippered case that opens like a book and consists of a grid of elastic shock cords for securing cables and adapters and an assortment of compartments including zippered mesh pockets. It comes in standard and deluxe models.
(877) 435-5679
Suggested retail price $25 (standard) and $40 (deluxe)

Magic Tricks

Adorage Magic is a transition library containing hundreds of transitions including dissolves, wipes, alpha masks, alpha channels, animated graphics and special effects. You can use it as a stand-alone or as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere, MoviePack, Ulead MediaStudio Pro, Main Actor and other editing packages.
(877) 632-3872
Suggested retail price $199

Log Ride

DV Log Pro from Imagine Products, Inc. is an application for cataloging video from a DV camcorder or deck. It can control deck transport functions (play, fast forward, rewind, etc.), add shot descriptions, mark time code, grab and save JPEG thumbnails, output batch files, print storyboards and publish html pages.
(310) 379-2015
Suggested retail price $249


Vidget is a video and audio conversion and encoding tool from Newtek designed for applications ranging from Internet streaming to DVD and CD-ROM creation to multimedia production. Vidget includes support for major video and audio formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QuickTime and .avi. Vidget is compatible with Windows 98/NT/2000.
(800) 862-7837
Suggested retail price $99

Take Your Best Shot

ShotMaster from The Badham Company is a storyboard and organizational program designed for those who cannot draw a storyboard. ShotMaster features hundreds of pre-drawn human figures, backgrounds and props that you can drag onto a storyboard screen. You can also import photographs, drawings and pre-drawn storyboards into the program. ShotMaster is for Mac or Windows 95/98/NT. It’s available online at their Web site.
Suggested retail price $100

What a Concept!

MainActor Version 3.5 from Mainconcept is an entry-level video editing software. Standard features include a timeline interface, adjustable preview modes, over 100 transitions and effects, real-time preview, DV support, titling, compositing and optional MPEG-2 support. MainActor works with Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 and Linux.
(800) 314-2893
Suggested retail price $85

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