Nonlinear Editing, and The Digital Audio Dictionary

Nonlinear Editing

Patrick Morris (1999, Focal Press, 225 Wildwood Ave., Woburn, MA 01801, 134 pp, $30)

Nonlinear Editing is reference manual to the ins and outs of digital post production. It provides an overview of the structure, design and function of nonlinear editing systems.

If you werent sure of the advantages, problems and procedures for using a nonlinear editing system, this manual may be the answer. At 134 pages, its to the point. The book is arranged in a logical progression, from simple explanations like "What is Nonlinear Editing?" to more sophisticated digital encounters with alpha channels and vector graphics. Theres even a jargon buster so youll never be caught off guard in the midst of more experienced nonlinear editors.

Nonlinear Editing wont guide you through a system setup, but it can give you an understanding of why you might want one.

The Digital Audio Dictionary

Cool Breeze Systems, Inc. (1999, Prompt Publications, 2647 Waterfront Parkway, Indianapolis, IN 46214-2041, 228 pp, $30)

Given the increasingly technical world of digital audio and video, having ready access to a reference dictionary can make the difference between understanding and confusion. The Digital Audio Dictionary provides a complete desktop source for terms used in the expanding world of digital audio technology. Over 1,000 terms are defined, from A-Weighted to Zoomer. The explanations are very straightforward, but some of the technical definitions might confuse those with no previous knowledge of audio terms.

As a reference book, The Digital Audio Dictionary covers all of the basics of digital audio. An interactive CD providing a searchable, on-line version of the dictionary is also included with the book. If you are a video person, who wants to know more about audio terminology, this book is for you.

Video Warriors: Editing With Media

(1999, Ultimedia International,, 93 min vol. 1, 120 min vol. 2, $65 for both tapes)

This two volume video series takes a creative military approach to teaching Ulead Media Studio Pro 5.2. The tapes take the raw recruit through the "Basic Training" and "Special Forces" of Media Studio Pros nonlinear editing software.

The Basic Training tape moves you through setup and basic editing techniques. The lessons cover hardware, video and audio capture and editing. There are also useful troubleshooting and editing tips.

Special Forces takes the training up a notch. They include advanced techniques involving moving paths and animation as well as masks, mattes, filters and both vector and bitmap graphics.

If you use this software from Ulead, choosing Video Warriors: Editing With Media Studio Pro is one smart move. Heres your chance to be one of the few, the proud, the video editing literate.

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