Videomaker/Panasonic Contest 1999

It’s time for the 13th Annual Videomaker/Panasonic Contest. Show us what you can do, and we’ll give you a chance to take home some pretty slick video equipment.

Send us your finest work–any topic, any length. The possibilities are endless. We won’t squash your creative genius with a bunch of rules about tape length and categories. Just use any of the NTSC consumer video formats: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, S-VHS, S-VHS-C, Hi8, Digital8 or Mini DV and get your tape to us by September 30, 1999 (see Entry Guidelines page 101).

Judges will be looking for technical proficiency, image quality and overall excellence. The best of the best will battle for Grand Prize. If you’re under 20, there’s a Young Videomaker bonus award up for grabs, and if you use a computer to edit your work, you could be eligible to win a Desktop Video bonus award.

Besides beefing up your video equipment inventory, all winners will also receive free passes to attend all events at the 2000 West Coast Videomaker Expo. Clips from the winning entries will find their much-deserved public audience at a special Videomaker Expo celebration.

We know you’re out there, and we know you’re making great videos–show us what you’ve got!

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