Product Scene

Panasonic DT-1300MS
Canon ES800
Lowel Fren-L 650
Feral Industries Hamlet 302 WVA
Sima Products FX-L
OP/TECH USA Soft Wraps

Double Duty Monitor

Panasonic Broadcast and Television Systems announces the DT-1300MS 13-inch multi-scan monitor. This unit supports both video and RGB computer signals. It boasts 600 lines of horizontal resolution for video and 1120 x 768 pixels for RGB. (201) 348-7000.

Suggested retail price: $1300

Another ES makes 5

Canon introduces the ES800 8mm camcorder, the fifth addition to its ES line. This unit offers a 12:1 optical lens with multispeed zoom, optical image stabilization, stereo AFM audio, and Control-L jack. It also features a 103,000-pixel color LCD viewfinder and built-in 4-watt light. (516) 488-6700.

Suggested retail price: $1200

First Fresnel

Lowel, Brooklyn, New York, introduces its first fresnel light. The Fren-L 650 features a 7:1 focusing range, rack-and-pinion lamp carriage and double-wall convection cooling system. It will accept 650, 500 and 300 watt lamps. (800) 334-3426.

Suggested retail price: $395

In Control

Feral Industries of Overland Park, Kansas, announces the Hamlet 302 WVA waveform/vectorscope/audio monitoring system. This unit is an upgrade of the Hamlet Micro Scope, adding dual mono/stereo inputs for audio measurement, external reference with hands free timing for matching video sources, and a built-in black generator. (913) 492-4666.

Suggested retail price: $1895 (monitor not included)

Gear Protectant

OP/TECH USA of Belgrade, Montana presents Soft Wraps. Soft Wraps are square pieces of soft, nonabrasive material that wrap snugly around your gear to protect it during transport. Available in 11, 15 and 19-inch squares, these wraps have Velcro fasteners to hold them in place. Each wrap comes with an extra 5-inch pad for extra softness where you need it. (406) 388-1377.

Suggested retail price: $12, $13, $14

for 11, 15 and 19-inch squares, respectively.

Sima Editor

Sima Products Corp. of Niles, Illinois, introduces the FX-L editor/special effects generator. The unit controls the play deck with Control-L and the record deck with infrared. Features include color wipe and fade, S-video connectors and 46-edit point program memory. (708) 966-0300.

Suggested retail price: $475


Sun, 01/01/1995 - 12:00am