Rolling Camera Case gets You Through the Airport Fast
Airport Assistant

When the people at Lowepro designed
their rolling camera case, they set out to design something that would stand
apart. What they came up with was the Pro Roller 1, a rolling case that
does indeed stand on its own, with the help of a collapsible back prop that
holds the case at a 30-degree angle for easy access while you work. Also
included are two removable Sliplock tripod holders, bungee attachments,
padded inserts, rugged in-line skate wheels and lots of pockets. (707) 575-4363.

Suggested retail price: $410


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Smooth-Stopping Head

Steady shots require a strong tripod with a good head on it. The new Manfrotto
510-10 Pro Video tripod head from Bogen Photo hopes to fill the bill. It
provides an advanced three-step drag system for smooth 360-degree pans and
promises smooth starts and stops. It has a +75 degree to 70 degree tilt
control and a return-to-center variable balance spring adjustment that allows
for fingertip control. This professional-quality head has a large camera
platform that will support cameras weighting between 14 and 23 pounds and
incorporates a leveling bubble and a quick release plate. (201) 818-9500

Suggested retail price: $1,136

A Sound Idea

Fostex has introduced a solution for those epic videos that look great
but sound bad: the FD-4 Digital Multitracker audio hard-disk drive recorder.
As the first digital multitracker to sell for less than $600, the FD-4 provides
users with the tools needed to create uncompressed digital four-track recordings
and save them on a hard disk drive. With four dedicated tracks (on the hard
drive) and two virtual tracks (in memory) the FD-4 offers both multitrack
and stereo mastering on one machine. The FD-4 is equipped with a standard
SCSI-II port allowing users to select a variety of recordable media (not
included), from removable systems like Zip, ezflyer, and Magneto Optical
to larger capacity SCSI hard drives. Fostex also offers an optional factory-installed
internal 2.5-inch IDE hard drive. (310) 921-1112.

Suggested retail price: under $600

Spy Stuff>

The Supercircuits wireless covert book-cam features a 2.4-gigahertz FM synthesized
transmitter for long range and solid black-and-white video performance.
The camera’s wide-angle lens covers a 110-degree field of view, enough to
deliver a commanding view of most rooms. A high-gain microphone and preamp
are built in as well. Available also in color, and with Supercircuits’ model
MVR-3 super high gain receiver/antenna for up to 2500-foot shooting range.
(512) 260-0333.

Suggested retail price: Black and white, $600; Color, $1000

Robotic Pans and Tilts

From Telemetrics, Inc., comes an advanced remote-controlled camera pan/tilt
mechanism, the PT-LP. The new unit incorporates a serial control receiver
compatible with Telemetrics’ line of serial control panels to facilitate
remote studio operation of cameras. The unit is designed for a variety of
applications in the broadcast and prosumer markets. Heavy-duty cross-roller
bearings and Swiss motors with isolation mounts provide the PT-LP with smooth,
variable speed operation. (201) 848-9818.

Suggested retail price: $4750

Balanced Technique

If you’ve stepped up to an external microphone with a balanced XLR connector,
you’ll probably need an interface to convert to an unbalanced signal that
your camcorder can accept. TecNec has introduced On The Level audio interfaces
for just this need. The heavy-duty steel boxes are available in both mono
and two-channel stereo versions: RCA unbalanced input to combo XLR and 1/4-inch
balanced output and combo XLR and 1/4-inch balanced input to RCA unbalanced

Suggested retail price: OTL-1, OTL-2 (mono): $44.95; OTL1S, OTL-2S (stereo):

New 8mm ViewCam

Still committed to providing high-quality, innovative camcorders in its
ViewCam lineup, Sharp has released the VL-E760U, its latest flagship model
for the 8mm format. Featuring a 4-inch LCD monitor, 16:1 optical zoom, 40:1
digital zoom, image stabilization and a handful of digital effects (fade,
snap, strobe, extend, sepia, monochrome). Also included is a scene menu
and 10-second recording function for easy editing. (800) BESHARP.

Suggested retail price: $900

DV Steadicam

From Cinema Products, makers of the world-famous Steadicam line of camera
stabilizers, comes the DV Steadicam. Though designed specifically for use
with the new generation of small, lightweight digital video camcorders,
the DV Steadicam can be used with virtually any two-to-six-pound camcorder,
offering the same fluid motion and professional shots achieved in big-budget
Hollywood films. Weighing in at approximately two pounds, the DV Steadicam
offers a four-inch active matrix color LCD monitor and a patented gimbal
design. (310) 836-7991.

Suggested retail price: $1395

New Pan-EL-Lites from Cool-Lux

Cool-Lux has introduced a new lighting product that allows users the
flexibility to "bend" light at will with neon-like quality. For
video production, it will primarily be used to light difficult areas, provide
an added stage design element, special effects production and blue-screen
applications. The system is made up of a very flexible, translucent material
that is half the thickness of a credit card. Pan-EL-Lites are available
in widths from 1/4 to 44 inches, and can be ordered in any length. (805)

Suggested retail price: $1.80 per square inch

Lens Accessories for DV Camcorders

Century Precision Optics introduces their new Digital series, a family of
high-quality products created especially for use with the new digital camcorders
with small lens front diameters, such as the Sony DCR-VX1000 and the Panasonic
AG-EZ1. Products include a .65x wide-angle converter, .6x wide angle adapter,
achroic diopters, and others. (818) 766-3715.

Suggested retail price: $265 and up

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