LCD Cam from Samsung

Samsung provides a pair of late entries into the LCD-monitor camcorder market with the SCL90 and the SCL91, two
8mm camcorders with 3-inch flip-out screens. Aimed at the home videographer
who values simplicity and convenience over high-end controls, the SCL90
has a 16:1 optical zoom and digital effects. The SCL91 adds manual focus
control, a built-in titler, remote control, auto fade and stereo audio.
(201) 229-4000.

Suggested retail price: $699-799


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DV Master Gets an Upgrade

Version 1.1 of the driver software for
Fast Electronic’s DV Master IEEE 1394 FireWire editing system now includes
a new application: DV Manager, a combination video capture/logger/preview
monitor. DV Manager includes a "Playlist" capability which allows
users to add multiple clips to a digital playlist, then play them all back
in any order as one sequential file. (650) 295-3500.

Suggested retail price: $4995

Monitors for Value-minded Videographers

Panasonic Broadcast and Digital Systems
Co. announces their new Proline CT series of 13-inch, 20-inch and 27-inch
monitors for a wide range of uses. Available in either monitor-only or monitor-receiver
combinations, all Proline CT monitors feature on-screen menu controls, stereo
audio, three BNC video inputs, composite RCA input/output and S-video input.
(800) 524-0864.

Suggested retail price: $359-$695

A Printer with a Built-in Snappy

Lexmark’s 7200V Color Jetprinter includes
a built-in Snappy-Play, Inc.’s still-image capture device that allows you
to easily and quickly snap digital images off a camcorder or VCR. The new
printer uses proprietary Lexmark EX2 technology to provide a six-color process
for increased skintone accuracy and photo-like prints. Maximum resolution
is 1200×1200; print speed is 3 pages per minute in color draft mode. (800)

Suggested retail price: $499

The MXPro Arrives

The MXPro, an upgrade of Videonics’ enormously
successful MX-1 video mixer, offers higher quality 10-bit digital video,
color correction capability, new effects, an intuitive user interface, a
new stylish case and upgradable architecture. Over 500 different effects
offer a multitude of creative options; a custom effects menu lets you choose
up to 30 configurations, then select them instantly with the push of a single
button. (408) 866-8300.

Suggested retail price: $1799

Outdoor Nature-Cam

Video Research recently introduced their SportsCam color video camera for hunters, bird watchers and other outdoor
enthusiasts. The SportsCam camera includes a miniature all-weather video
camera and a high-gain microphone, both mounted to a 12-inch flexible gooseneck
that’s easily attachable to various types of wildlife habitat, bird feeders
or resting areas. (612) 378-2577.

Suggested retail price: $495

Easy MPEG Video and Audio

FutureTel, a longtime player in the high-end MPEG encoder game, has announced the release of VideoSphinx Pro, a palm-sized
solution for real-time MPEG-1 audio and video capture. Operating through
a PC’s parallel port, the VideoSphinx Pro allows users to produce high-quality
MPEGs complete with audio without purchasing a sound card or opening the
case of your computer. Bundled software includes ClipGlue, a simple drag-and-drop
editing interface that provides frame-accurate editing down to the level
of I, B and P frames. (408) 522-1400.

Suggested retail price: $399

Ride `em In, Move `em Out

Lawhide is a new video deposition system that packs up into a stylish, rugged case for easy transportation. Included
in the case is a camera, monitor, four-channel audio system, VHS VCR, time/date
generator and backup audio recorder; the case folds out into a sturdy, compact
aluminum table that does double-duty as a tripod for the camera. The Lawhide
system fits easily into the trunk of a car, and sets up in less than ten
minutes. (888) LAWHIDE.

Suggested retail price: $5995

Quality Scan Convertor From TV One

TV One’s CORIOscan Pro is a high-resolution scan convertor designed to output quality images to videotape from PCs,
Macs or workstations. With 6-line digital flicker reduction, the CORIOscan
Pro can handle any computer resolution up to 1600×1200 at up to 100MHz refresh
rate without dropping lines. Simultaneous playback of composite, S-video,
RGB, YUV and computer monitor loop-through are available, as is both NTSC
and PAL output. (606) 282-7303.

Suggested retail price: $1295

Clean Up Your Act

Videographers who regularly shoot products, art objects or other closeup shots need a quick and efficient way to blow
the dust off their subjects. For such people, American Recorder Technologies
manufactures the CO-2 Dust and Particle Remover, a tiny high-velocity duster
that removes unwanted particles with a blast of pure carbon dioxide gas.
The palm-sized dispenser delivers a blast of up to 800 pounds per square
inch–six times the power of conventional aerosol-powered dusters. (800)

Suggested retail price: $20

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