Boris FX now Available for Adobe for Mac

Boris FX for After Effects
Artel Software, Inc., has ported the popular Boris Effects 3D digital video effects software plug-in to Adobe After Effects for Macintosh platforms. "The demand for us to port our program to After Effects has been very strong," says Artel Software president Boris Yamnitsky. "Now After Effects users can create 3D effects such as video cubes and page-turns, which are staples of high-end broadcast television." The new After Effects plug-in ships with the latest version of Boris Effects Pro, which operates within the Avid MCXpress, Media 100, D-Vision OnLINE, in:sync Speed Razor, FAST VM Studio PLUS and Adobe Premiere nonlinear editing platforms. A Windows NT version of the plug-in is also in the works. (617) 451-9900.
Suggested retail price: $495

The Dock of the EditBay
The DPS EditBay is a new PCI-based, Windows 95 Plug-and-Play audio and video digitizer that captures 720×480, 4:2:2, 24-bit MJPEG video at compression ratios from 2.5:1 to 100:1 with fully synchronized stereo audio. Maximum capture rate is 6.5MB/second; inputs and outputs include S-video, composite video and stereo audio. For nonlinear editing, the card bundles DPS’s newly acquired Video Action Pro software (formerly manufactured by Star Media Systems). (905) 944-4000.
Suggested retail price: $849

Mini Distribution Amp
Kramer Electronics’ VM-3M and VM-3AB are a pair of small, inexpensive audio distribution amps designed for splitting a single audio source–mono microphone for the VM-3M or stereo audio for the VM-3AB–into three equally powerful sources. Audio bandwidth of both devices is 20Hz to 2GHz; total harmonic distortion is 0.04 percent. Both can operate on a 9V battery for several hours. (888) 303-5600.
Suggested retail price: VM-3M, $130; VM-3AB, $140


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Vision in Darkness
Electrophysics Corporation recently expanded the AstroScope 9350 series, a line of high-quality night vision products for camcorders, to include a number of kits for consumer-level camcorders. Available as a separate lens kit or as a complete package including the camcorder, the AstroScope 9350 kits are available for the Panasonic AG-EZ1; Sony CCD-TRV82, DCR-PC7 or DCR-VX1000; and the Canon ES6000 or L2. Also available are kits for 1/2-inch and 2/3-inch bayonet-mount cameras. (201) 882-0211.
Suggested retail price: $3000 and up

Mini All-purpose Monitor
The optical systems division of Marshall Electronics, Inc. has introduced a new 6.4-inch active matrix color LCD monitor panel, suitable for mounting in a wide variety of locations and configurations for business and information kiosk applications. Display format is 960×234 pixels, allowing wide-screen 16×9 playback if desired. (310) 390-6608.
Suggested retail price: $699

Serious Power
An innovative new power system designed for use with industrial/broadcast grade camcorder batteries is Aspen Electronics Inc.’s Aspen NP Power Kit. The Kit features the company’s new ROCK-4 battery charger system with RS-232 serial output and a 4-channel battery analyzer option. The Kit also includes four of Aspen’s premium cell gold-label NP batteries. Also included are the company’s PSM-160 AC camera adapter and a 10-foot XLR power cable. (714) 379-2515.
Suggested retail price: $1187

Pockets and Padding
Case Logic is targeting its CBV-10 camcorder bag at the camcorder aficionado who is looking for a simple, inexpensive way to protect his or her investment. The CBV-10 features thick padding, two dividers, a storage/display panel for ID or business cards, a padded shoulder strap, inner panel pockets, nylon mesh pockets for tapes or batteries and a protective armored and waterproof bottom. (800) 925-8111.
Suggested retail price: $35

Beefed-up PowerScript Ships
Last year, Videonics shipped the first in its PowerScript line of broadcast-quality character generators. Now, the company announces PowerScript Studio, which includes all of the basic performance features of PowerScript plus a handful of new high-end features, including timing controls for key output adjustments (color subcarrier phase, horizontal delay and key delay). These controls allow users to accurately time the synchronization of the PowerScript Studio, making it suitable for a wide range of production environments. Also available now is a version of the PowerScript with analog component inputs and outputs. (800) 338-3348.
Suggested retail price: PS-1000-S, $3999; PS-1000-SC, $4999

Built to Last
Panasonic Broadcast and Digital Systems’ inexpensive AG-1320 VHS VCR is designed for applications that require constant, repeated playback of a video program–an information kiosk, for example, or a video art display. With a wide variety of functions like Index Search, High Speed Forward/Rewind, quasi-S-VHS playback, auto repeat play and 11X high-speed search in EP mode, the AG-1320 is built to withstand the kind of abuse that kiosk-style applications dish out on a regular basis. (800) 524-0864.
Suggested retail price: $345

Create Your Own Panorama
With VideoBrush Corporation’s Panorama software, you can automatically convert video into a wide-angle panoramic image on your computer screen. By combining a series of overlapping frames into a seamless final image, VideoBrush’s Panorama can create stunning landscape images from pans of up to 360 degrees. (805) 566-0030.
Suggested retail price: $40

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