42DLC-XLR Compact Allows Easy Field Mixing

Master of the Field
The latest in Studiomaster’s line of portable audio mixers is the 42DLC-XLR Compact, a 4-channel
battery-powered mixer that’s easy to tote around from location to location. Each channel offers a choice
between a balanced XLR microphone input and an unbalanced line-level input; also present on each
channel is a rotary level and pan control for stereo imaging. The master section features a rotary master
level control, a stereo/mono output switch and a battery test switch. (714) 525-2227.

Suggested retail price: $130

Wireless Big Brother
The Wavecom SR., from RF-Link Technology, is a simple way to send wireless audio and video right
through the walls of your home or office, easily linking a central camcorder, VCR, TV tuner, cable box or
satellite receiver to any room in the building. Utilizing a 2.4 GHz FM link, the Wavecom SR sends audio
and video signals through a proprietary directional antenna up to 250 feet through intervening obstacles.
Applications include surveillance, nursery monitoring, or any other situation that requires remote viewing
of audio and video signals. (310) 787-2328.

Suggested retail price: $250

Video Starter Kit
Incorporating a handful of new products aimed at the beginning videographer, Videonics’ new Home
Video Producer offers an easy and inexpensive way to learn the basics of video editing. The kit includes
the Thumbs Up 2000 video editor, the Sound Effects Mixer 2000 and a beginner’s-level Videographer’s
Handbook. The Thumbs Up 2000 has a 200-scene memory and supports VITC time code; the Sound
Effects Mixer 2000 includes a built-in audio mixer, stereo speakers and a hand-held microphone. (800)

Suggested retail price: $329

A Hot Cup of MPEG
Espresso, a Plug-n-Play MPEG-1 encoder made by FutureTel, is capable of encoding and decoding NTSC
or PAL video at 1/4-screen resolution. This half-size PCI card is part of FutureTel’s MPEG for Business
campaign, which also includes two new MPEG-based software products for editing, storing and indexing a
video database. ClipView is an editor that will perform frame-accurate, non-destructive edits on standard
IBP MPEG-1 files. ViewPoint is an innovative new product that allows MPEG files to be searched by
keyword for specific material, which can then be cut and pasted as needed. (800) 658-5868.

Suggested retail price: $1100

Multimedia Wizard
Ricoh’s RDC-2 digital camera, successor to last year’s popular RDC-1, is a compact, easy-to-use
multimedia acquisition device for home or business use. If the built-in capacity to store up to 38 still
images, 19 still images with 10 seconds of audio, or 8 minutes of sound alone isn’t enough for you, the
RDC-2 comes with a standard PC-Card port for up to 20MB of memory upgrade. With more memory, the
RDC-2 gains the ability to record short AVI or GIF 89A clips for easy transfer into Web pages or
multimedia presentations. (800) 225-1899.

Suggested retail price: $995

It’s Here (and It’s Expensive)
Panasonic Broadcast and Television’s long-promised DVCPRO laptop video editor has finally arrived. The
AJ-LT75 is a complete portable digital editing system that has the ability to work with both DVCPRO and
DV-format tapes. With two full-featured VCRs, two 6.5-inch LCD monitors, stereo speakers and a
complete cuts-only editor, this little unit provides all you need to edit DV or DVCPRO footage while flying on an airplane between locations. Other features include RS-422A remote control capability for each VCR, component digital output, 32X search and DC/AC operation. (800) 524-0864.

Suggested retail price: $29,995

A Pool Full of Pixels
Need a broadcast-quality character generator that supports full-color 8- or 16-bit graphics imaging? Try the PixPool System, Video International’s PC-based plug-in CG and imaging system for DTV, cable TV and
bulletin board systems. With a built-in NTSC or S-Video camera capture funciton, BMP or Targa support,
text import capability, 7-day scheduling and a number of other important features, the PixPool system is
targeted at local broadcasters and demanding prosumer videomakers who want a high-quality, versatile
PC-based titling and graphics system. (801) 485-4233.

Suggested retail price: $995+

AWE Inspiring
Creative Labs, king of the hill in the PC multimedia sound card market, has released the latest additions to its popular line of audio products, the SoundBlaster AWE64 and AWE64 Gold. Both cards incorporate the
latest in PC audio technology, including: high-quality advanced wavetable technology from E-mu Systems;
Sondius WaveGuide technology; SoundFont technology; and 3D Positional Audio. The AWE64 Gold
also includes a 20-bit digital output via an industry-standard SPDIF connector for professional-quality
recording. (408) 428-6600.

Suggested retail price: AWE64, $199; AWE64 Gold, $249

AITech’s AIGotcha! still-image capture device will snap images via S-video or composite inputs into 24-
bit, 1600×1200 resolution digital files. Plugging easily into the parallel port of any Windows-based desktop or laptop PC, the AIGotcha comes bundled with Andover Advanced Systems’ VideoCraft morphing and
special effects software, as well as Videology 3D, a simple nonlinear editor and multimedia authoring
package. (510) 226-9169

Suggested retail price: $199

Ready Reference
Your first serious audio-for-video purchase? Headphones, perhaps. Koss Corporation’s Reference
Professional line of stereo headphones offer precision sound reproduction and maximum comfort for
prolonged listening. Four models are available, with frequency responses ranging from 18-23,000 Hz to
16-22,000 Hz. Each has a 3-foot coil cord and an adapter that converts from 3.5mm to 1/4-inch L-plug.
(414) 964-5000.

Suggested retail price: $70-$90.

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