Panasonic’s New Tapes

Two new Panasonic tapes, the T130 and the TC40, offer longer recording times–up to six and a half hours for the
T130 and two hours for the TC40 (SLP mode). The T130 meets the same high standards as the popular T120. The
TC40, however, makes use of a new tape structure: elongated ZETAS-Fine magnetic particles and a high-rigidity
Neox base film strengthen the tape while boosting video and audio detail. (800) 365-1515.
Suggested Retail Prices: T130 $3.99; TC40 $9.99

Portable Home Theater

Thanks to Sony’s new CPJ-100 Liquid Crystal Video Projector, you can take a large-screen TV with you on your
next trip abroad. The unit works with any video source, projecting a high-quality image of up to 100″ (diagonally)
onto any wall, screen or other large flat surface. Unit boasts 184,000-pixel LCD imaging device and 55-watt
halogen bulb. The CPJ-100’s worldwide AC adapter makes it easy to use in any country. (201) 930-1000.
Suggested Retail Price: $1100


How to Make a

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Image-Enhanced Prints

The latest version (4.0) of Hewlett Packard’s Vidjet Pro uses image enhancement technology to make sharper,
higher-impact color video prints. The unit also makes prints faster than before–only 41 seconds for a 6 x 4.5-inch
image. New Windows(tm)-based video logging and storyboarding software makes the unit suitable for printing
storyboards with full-color thumbnails of each shot. (800) 452-4844.
Suggested Retail Price: $3490+

Video Mailers

Mack Chicago has designed a line of mailers and inserts to meet the needs of the videomaker. These mailers allow
you to ship VHS, Beta and 8mm videos in a lightweight package. They’re useful not only for mailing but also for
storage after their initial use. They’re reusable, too: just turn them inside out and put on a new address. All mailers
are 100% recyclable. (800) 992-6225.
Suggested Retail Price: $99.30/Box of 50

Stand-up Remotes

Who hasn’t searched the room for a missing remote? Sole Control, a division of Recoton corporation, has released
four new universal replacement remotes that stand on end to make them easier to spot on a cluttered coffee table.
Sole Control remotes allow control of TVs, VCRs, CD players, cable boxes and both audio and satellite receivers.
All models include four-color keypads, logically positioned power, volume and channel buttons and an extensive
code library to ensure compatibility.
Suggested Retail Price: $14.95-$29.95

How-to Tapes: Lighting

Chimera Lighting offers two new videos in the Power of Lighting for Film and Video series: Lighting
and Lighting Interviews. Producer Bill Holshevnikoff takes the viewer through a series of
techniques ranging from single-camera news setups to tricks for lighting people with bald heads. (800) 424-
Suggested Retail Price: $30

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