PC-Compatible VCR

Hoping to tap into the growing desktop video market, Go.Video offers a PC-compatible dual-deck VCR, the GV-
8050. The unit, which comes with Go.Video’s Dual-Deck Director software and an external edit controller, works
with either Mac or IBM machines. The GV-8050 also works with a wide range of software and hardware
accessories, including video capture and output cards.

“It’s ideal for business applications such as corporate training and sales presentations,” says Ed Brachocki,
Go.Video’s vice president of corporate development. (602) 998-3400.

Suggested Retail Price: $1099


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Swiss Army Charger

Owners of compact camcorders may want to check out Lenmar’s OmniSource Plus(tm). Similar to their
OmniSource charger for full-sized models, this unit is four tools in one–charger, reconditioner, tester and power
supply–and includes a 12V DC car lighter plug for easy use on the road. The OmniSource Plus(tm) also comes with
a multi-adapter plate to fit most 6V 8mm and VHS-C units, including Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Quasar, JVC, Sharp,
Hitachi, RCA, Magnavox and others. (800) 424-2703.

Suggested Retail Price: $89.95

Slimline Rewinders

Emerson’s new Slimline tape rewinders prevent wear and tear on your VCR or camcorder. They come in three
models–one-way VHS, two-way VHS and two-way 8mm. The VHS versions both include auto soft eject and auto
shut off; the portable 8mm model offers a choice between AC or battery power. (800) 654-8483.

Suggested Retail Prices: RW5201 One-Way VHS, $12.99; RW5200 Two-Way VHS, $17.99; RW5202 Two-Way
Portable 8mm, $24.99.

New Quasar Camcorders Tell Time

For those who use the time/date functions of their camcorders but don’t like the hassle of setting the built-in clock,
Quasar offers two new VHS-C camcorders, the VM550 and its color-viewfinder sibling, the VM555. These low-
priced units, which include 12:1 power zoom and flying erase head, have their built-in clocks set at the factory for
Eastern Standard Time; users who live choose the right time zone from a menu display in the viewfinder. (708) 468-

Suggested Retail Prices: VM550, $549; VM555, $649

Affordable A/B Roll

Videonics announces the first low-price full-featured A/B roll editor, the Edit Suite. When used with the Videonics
MX-1 Digital Video Mixer, the Edit Suite can manually or automatically control up to four source decks and a
record deck. It also boasts support for Control-L, Control-M, RS-232 and RS-422, as well as VITC, LTC and RC
time codes. The unit’s edit decision list allows storage and use of up to 250 edit segments. (408) 866-8300.

Suggested Retail Price: $699

New Full-Size VHS Camcorder

One of Samsung’s latest products is their SCF754 full-sized VHS camcorder. It includes a 12:1 power zoom lens,
multiple high speed shutter and 2-line/1-page titler. The unit’s large 2/3-inch viewfinder offers 180 degrees of
rotation; a flying erase head allows for clean, glitch-free scene transitions. (201) 229-4000.

Suggested Retail Price: $599

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