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Portable Giant

Casio announces the Megavision FV-600, a color video projection system that’s ideal for sales or educational
use. The system uses a 2.4-inch, 250,000-pixel display to throw an image on either the front or rear of the screen.
You can view the image from the built-in 10" monitor, or use the included screen to project pictures up to 60 inches
in size. If you use a larger screen, the FV-600 can project a clear image as large as 100 inches. The unit includes a
remote control and A/V jacks that connect easily to a camera, VCR or other composite video source. (201) 361-

Suggested Retail Price: $1950

No Frills, Low Price Point-and-Shoot

Sanyo attempts to push the low end of the price barrier with its new VM-PS12 8mm camcorder. To keep the
price down, the unit incorporates an optical viewfinder and 3x manual zoom. Features include a flying erase head,
"Fuzzy Logic" automatic shutter speed and white balance, high-speed picture search and a 1/4-inch, 270,000-pixel
CCD. With fewer power-draining features, the VM-PS12 boasts 22% greater battery life than the average full-
featured camcorder. (818) 998-7322.

Suggested Retail Price: $500

Affordable SEG

One of Ambico’s latest offerings is the V-6301 special effects generator, a low-cost unit that’s aimed at the home
video hobbyist. It offers fades in eight colors and over 50 wipe patterns; users can define the precise angle of the
wipe as well as the degree of "sharpness" in the edge of the pattern (from soft, for a "halo" effect, to hard, for a
sharp-edged look). The V-6301 can store up to eight user-defined effects in memory and recall them at the push of a
button. (800) 742-3438.

Suggested Retail Price: $260

Multimedia on Wheels

Luxor offers an easy way to put a simple DTV editing suite on wheels. Their model TL-48-35 MM portable
multimedia workstation is made of heavy-gauge tubular steel and adjustable one-inch shelves for durability. The
two-inch (or optional four-inch) casters include brakes to keep the unit steady while you work. An optional 3-outlet
surge suppressor with 15-foot power cord allows you to plug equipment directly into the workstation. (800) 323-

Suggested Retail Price: $540; with surge suppressor, $583

Three-way Dubs

Bi-Tronics makes a low-cost S-VHS distribution amplifier for professional video applications. The SVHS-
DA3 splits a single S-VHS signal into three separate signals with very little loss of picture or sound quality. Made
for multiple-VCR recording or multiple-monitor playback, the unit works well with any S-VHS source. It’s also
compact–only 3.2" wide x 1.8" high x 5.2" deep. (800) 666-0996.

Suggested Retail Price: $215

Hi-fi Toshiba VCR

A new six-head hi-fi VCR from Toshiba, the M-781, boasts the ability to play back tapes in the extended play
(EP) mode at nearly the same quality as standard play (SP) mode. To enhance the picture quality at playback, the
M-781 utilizes Toshiba’s unique "flying pre-amp" design and digital noise reduction (DNR) technology. The deck
(scheduled for release in July) also includes VCR+ cable box channel control, Quad-mode shuttle and universal
remote. (800) 253-5429.

Suggested Retail Price: $549

JVC’s New Low-cost Editor

JVC has announced an inexpensive new wireless video controller, the JX-ED11. This unit allows for simple
editing of video scenes, and contains preset IR command codes from ten different companies, as well as the ability
to learn other codes. Features include a jog/shuttle, an "edit check" function to review scenes and battery power for
portability. With the JX-ED11, JVC enters the ring with Ambico and Sima, former dominators of the low-end
market. (201) 794-3900.

Suggested Retail Price: $129

Hands-free Head Cam

Have you ever wished you could shoot video safely while skiing, biking or driving a car? The HeadTrip from
Phantom Technology may be the answer. It comes in two parts: a fanny pack 8mm recorder with 4" color LCD
monitor, and a helmet-mounted CCD camera with manual iris control. All told, the HeadTrip weighs in at about six
pounds, which means it won’t drag you down while you shoot and play. (800) 443-2387.

Suggested Retail Price: $4,200

Product Scene Company Information

Casio, Inc.
570 Mt. Pleasant Ave.
Dover, NJ 07801
(201) 361-5400

2245 Delany Rd.
Waukegan, IL 60087
(800) 323-4656

76 Main St.
Tuckahoe, NY 10707
(800) 666-0996

Phantom Technology

Matt Jones
P.O. Box 640
Minturn, CO 81645
(303) 333-5570

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