Durable ME Tapes from Sony

Editors have long demanded a high-quality ME (metal evaporated) tape that can withstand the
rigors of editing. In response to this demand, Sony has released their new HMEAD professional
Hi8 tapes, which boast lower dropout rates and greater durability than previous ME tapes. Sony
coats their HMEAD tapes with a “Diamond-Like Carbon Coating,” a substance that protects the
metal evaporated layer without affecting its superior recording properties. (201) 476-8000.

Suggested retail price: 30 min. $12.50; 60 min. $18;120 min.


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Panasonic’s New Prosumer Camcorder

Aimed primarily at event videomakers, the Panasonic AG-456U comes with 12:1 power zoom,
built-in vertical interval time code, hi-fi stereo sound and two-hour battery. Digital effects include
strobe, still, tracer, wipe and mix; other features include manual white balance and iris controls,
audio/video insert, Panasonic 5-pin and synchro edit interfaces. (201) 348-7013.

Suggested retail price: $2,495

750 Menu-driven Lines

JVC’s BM-H1300SU is a 13-inch professional color video monitor that’s aimed at the serious
videomaker. With an advanced built-in microprocessor, .28mm dot pitch, sophisticated color
circuitry, menu-driven controls and better horizontal resolution than most of the monitors in its
class, the BM-H1300SU is sure to turn some heads. (201) 794-3900.

Suggested retail price: $1,195

Hands-off Mike Mixing

For solitary videomakers who can’t always be bothered to run a mike mixer, there’s Audio-
Technica’s AT-MX341a SmartMixer, a four-channel unit with a wide range of features. With this
unit, videomakers can set mike input channels to remain silent until they receive an audio signal.
Other features include switchable mike/line inputs and outputs, master gain control, switchable
phantom power on individual channels and RMS/peak meter functions. (216) 686-2600.

Suggested retail price: $799

Not Just a Color Corrector

Elite Video’s BVP-4 Broadcast Video Processor is designed to accomplish more than the color
correctors found on most SEGs or TBCs. While many of the latter color correctors simply add or
subtract red, green or blue information, the BVP-4 does a linear shift of all colors at the same time
in correct relation to one another. With this unit, you can match the color of two cameras, improve
flesh tones, change color video to black and white and make faded video images look better than
the original, among other things. (501) 321-0440.

Suggested retail price: $700

Secure Those Cables

The Rip-Tie company, maker of the popular CableWrap fasteners, has come out with a new
product: the CableCatch Velcro fastener. The CableCatch will anchor cords, cables and wires to
any smooth surface to keep them organized and out of the way. Made to last, the CableCatch
fastener has been tested to perform over 10,000 closures. (800) 348-7600.

Suggested retail price: 2-pack, $5.49;

5-pack, $13; 50-pack, $117

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