Nikon’s Latest 8mm
With 24:1 digital zoom, high-resolution color viewfinder and electronic image stabilization, the VN-360 is the latest in Nikon’s 8mm camcorder lineup. Other features include a fader, autodate, AFM hi-fi stereo and wireless remote control. (516) 547-4200.
Suggested retail price: $1099

Broadcast-quality CG from Videonics
The PowerScript character generator, a new stand-alone or computer-networkable titler from Videonics, offers broadcast-quality (17.5ns effective pixel resolution) output with 35 anti-aliased fonts. With PowerScript, you can rotate, stretch or skew each character at any angle. You can also render the characters transparent in relation to the background colors, background video or other characters in the title. And if you like a vast range of color, PowerScript’s palette of over 4 million colors should do the trick. (408) 866-8300.
Suggested retail price: $2500

Hi-fi VHS Deck for Kiosk, Point-of-sale Use
For high-quality playback of educational, corporate, kiosk or video-on-demand programs, Sony has released the SVO-1500 VHS hi-fi VCR. Features include automatic rewind, automatic cleaning, “double azimuth” 4-head design and a key inhibit switch to deactivate all function keys. (201) 930-7669.
Suggested retail price: $580

Telebyte Technology, Inc. offers the Model 704 Super Deluxe Videoverter, a standards converter that allows simultaneous display on VGA monitor and TV screen. Complete with S-video, composite and RF connectors, the Model 704 will display an image on up to three televisions simultaneously, as well as any VGA mode up to 640×480 pixels with 64,000 colors. (800) 835-3298.
Suggested retail price: $435

A Case for Full-size VHS
Low price and compatibility keep consumers coming back to full-size VHS camcorders. Panasonic’s latest: the PV-960, with color viewfinder, digital 20:1 zoom, electronic image stabilization and built-in color enhancement light. For portability and protection, the unit comes with an attach-style hard shell case–an important accessory for traveling videomakers. (201) 348-9090.
Suggested retail price: $899

Every Tree a Potential Tripod
The Tree-pod is a unique mounting system for still cameras, telescopes and camcorders. You simply screw or strap Tree-pod to a tree, pole or other vertical surface, mount your viewing device and you’re ready to go. Designed for bird watchers, hunters, hikers and surveillance crews, the Tree-pod includes a pan head and rotational arms for nearly unlimited shooting angles. (612) 240-2362.
Suggested retail price: $129

Company Info–November 1995 Product Scene
Tree-pod Inc.
P.O. Box 7548
St. Cloud, MN 56302
(612) 363-0444

Telebyte Technology Inc.
270 Pulaski Rd.
Greenlawn, NY 11740-1616
(516) 423-3232

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