PNC Pico Flex Dolly Kit

The Pico Flex Dolly Kit can be used on any flat surface, whether it is your desktop, the ground, or something else entirely. It has two axles that can be adjusted for a variety of movements, including side to side, push and pull, or 360 degree rotation.

This unit has a professional look to it, helped by the matte black anodised finish. It has smooth wheels to minimise the noise as the dolly moves to track the action, and fluid roller bearings to allow easy movement of the camera without shaking. This is important for capturing high quality video footage, as it must appear to be completely seamless and the movement of the tracking camera should not be noticeable by wobbles in the film.

The Pico Flex Dolly Kit includes a shark clip for small cameras or smartphones, and a variable friction arm that is easily adjusted to allow larger cameras to be fitted to the unit and held at the correct angle to capture the shots you are looking for. Additional accessories can also be added to the unit, to help you capture the perfect shots for your video footage.

Once you are familiar with the kit, it can be set up extremely quickly. It is also very lightweight, making it ideal for shooting in a variety of locations as it is easy to transport. It is also sturdy enough to deal with the more heavy duty studio work, so you wont need to purchase two dolly kits for indoors and out. This is a piece of kit that is suitable for professional quality work, at a price that is not out of reach for the amateur film-maker or film student.


  • 11″ articulating arm (x1)
  • Shark clip (x1)
  • Shark clip compatible models: iPhone 4S, 4G, 3GS, 3G, PDA phones and compact cameras with following size and max. loading weight
  • Max. size: approx. 13 (D) x 70mm (H)
  • Max. loading weight support up to approx. 225~340g
  • 3 x standard 1/4″ camera screw holes on its chassis
  • Standard 1/4″ male screw at one end of 11″ articulating arm, and 1/4″ female, 1/4″ male and cold shoe optional at the other end
  • Inline skate-style wheels with high quality ball bearing
  • Supports two adjustable axles and glides straight or in circles while taking up minimal room allowing shots of up to 360 degrees
  • Made of CNC Aluminum
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 818g
  • Recommended retail price $99.99


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