Recording in Public Places and Your First Amendment Rights



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I live in Indiana, and here is what seems to be the gist of the law (SB 373 2/25/2013): you can't record with intent to defame or harm the business's relationship with customers - unless you are reporting illegal activities to the proper authorities.   Recording critters basking in the sun or landscapes of sunsets doesn't seem to be an issue.   It's the "intent to defame or harm" that can become problematic.   Disclaimer: I am not an attorney.  :-)

Do a youtube search for 1st

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Do a youtube search for 1st amendment audit you will learn everything you need to know it's also good to get you a copy of the DHS 2010 memo and keep it on you it's online just Google it


I am attempting to expose a scam and I have made appointments to meet with the Utah Attorney General and the division of Consumer Protection. My question is can I video tape these meetings? If anyone knows.


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I was harassed for taking videos in a public park by two individuals on the same day. I looked up my rights and discovered that I have no obligation to explain my reasons for taking videos of anyone in that venue. I carry a copy of my legal rights as a photographer in my camera bag, so if it happens again, I will be able to simply, but nicely state my rights and leave the conversation. If a person persists in the harassment, they will be the party breaking the law.


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I'm not sure who wrote this but you can not trespass the eye in public that does not mean go out and start recording other people's houses have some respect but there is no expectation of privacy in public no matter what state your in also if you do decide to start recording in public (1st amendment audit) know your rights if your just getting started do some research (search youtube for 1st amendment audit) also get you a copy of the amendments and a copy of the DHS 2010 memo happy filming and remember don't act like an ass while doing it be respectable about it