Irudis Tonalizer|VFX PRO Post-Production Software Review

Ever wish you had a color grading tool that would allow you to really focus in on and subtly tweak and enhance the various visual properties of your images? Tonalizer|VFX PRO from Irudis is just such a tool and is definitely worth your consideration. Broad control of grayscale values, clipping indicators and the ability to integrate with existing color correction tools are just a few of the powerful features found in this application.

Tonalizer excels at processing footage captured using highly compressed formats, as it takes into account the technical limitations and resulting problems associated with heavy compression – such as posterization and noise. Frequently, images suffer from too much or too little color saturation, improper white balance, exposure issues, contrast imbalances and lack of detail in both the shadows and highlights. Also, many video professionals today choose to shoot “flat.”

Compressing the highlights and shadows allows the shooter to bump up the exposure a bit without blowing out the highlights but results in flat, washed out images. Of course, achieving the desired look from these images requires a considerable amount of post work – a task for which Tonalizer is especially well-suited.

Tonalizer offers extensive control over many different parameters including these 20, adaptation, brightness, midtones, contrast, shadow boost, shadow details, highlights, highlight rescue, details, detail sharpener, warmth, tint, chroma, protect skin tones, protect edges, noise reduction, aliasing reduction, safe range, assist and mix. We dropped in a washed out clip of a piece of machinery in action, applied Tonalizer and began to adjust the adaptation slider. That one move brought back lost detail, improved saturation and contrast and reduced noise. In a split view, we saw a dramatic return of detail to one of the headlights using the highlight rescue adjustment. With show clipping selected, blown out highlights appear red while crushed blacks turn blue. A few simple adjustments later and your image looks as beautiful as the original – possibly better.

Tech Specs

OS: Final Cut Pro X (10.0.2 or later); Final Cut Pro 7 (7.0.3); Final Cut Pro Express (4.0.1); Motion 4 and 5 (5.0.0)

Platform: Mac computer with an Intel processor running Mac OS X 10.6.x or later

Graphics Card: A graphics card (GPU) compatible with the host application.Please refer to for a comprehensive list of supported graphics card for these applications.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Lots of powerful controls
  • Split-view editing
  • Clipping indicator


  • Can’t view clipping and split screen simultaneously
  • No ability to adjust the location of the split


Tonalizer|VFX PRO by Irudis is a powerful tool that is easy to use and delivers pleasing results fast.

Irudis ApS

Price: $179

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