ClickBerry Editor Post-Production Software Review

If you’ve been looking for a unique, effective way to interact with your audience, be they clients, potential customers, family or friends, then you’ll definitely want to have a good look at ClickBerry Editor.

Interact with your Audience

The key difference between ClickBerry and other editors is that it is uniquely dedicated to adding interactive features to your already edited video project. As the video plays, viewers are exposed to informative text, images and links simply by hovering over or clicking interactive markers.

With a video loaded and properly encoded, click on the rectangle or polygon hotspot found on the toolbar at the top left corner of the workspace. Draw a hotspot around an object or person of interest about which you want to provide information. Click the hotspot and a menu appears, displaying buttons labeled: Hotspot, Interaction, Hold to Manually Track and Auto Tracking. Clicking Hotspot opens up a properties dialogue and allows you to assign a name and tooltip for the hotspot, change its appearance and set its pause behavior. Interaction allows you to specify name, type, size, color and action options. A large text area is used for entering text you would like displayed, with some formatting options available. Images, links and widgets may also be placed in this area. Advanced users may use HTML by clicking the HTML tab. Markers are made to follow moving objects by tracking them either manually or automatically using the appropriate button. On Time Objects display images or messages at a pre-determined time in the video, independent of viewer interaction.


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The project management panel is found in the top right corner of the workspace and houses the Preview, Save Presentation and Upload buttons. Preview lets you see your video’s newly added interactive features while you’re editing. Save Presentation exports your completed project as a standalone player for use on any PC – without having to install the editor or a separate media player. Upload sends your videos into the cloud where you can store, view, share, manage and collect statistics on them. You get 10GB of online storage when you purchase ClickBerry Editor.

As viewers play through the video, hotspot markers appear at various intervals. Clicking on or hovering over them either displays information to your audience or collects information from them depending on the particular interactions used. Check out the website for examples and a series of video tutorials.

Tech Specs

System Requirements: Version 1.1.292 Windows XP, Vista and 7 (41MB)


  • Engages your audience
  • Easy to learn and use


  • Must have a completed video to begin


Whether for entertainment purposes or commercial use, ClickBerry Editor is packed with a plethora of pleasing potential.


Price: $289 (with 10GB online storage)

Contributing Editor Mark Holder is a video producer and trainer.

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