Building an Audio Recording Room

Building an Audio Recording Room


Not everyone is "handy"!

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Not everyone is "handy"! Maybe a suggestion of buying ready made baffles ..or even later on an article explaining the differences between baffles and foam and alternate home made items such as doonas. I would be very interested in an article on how to turn a closet (or half of one) into a recording booth. Thanks!

Foam will Not Isolate...

One note before everyone goes out and buys tons of Auralex...foam will NOT isolate your room from outside noise. Absorbent material is only for controlling the bounce of sound inside a room. If you have noise problems from outside...i.e. traffic, air conditioning noise, etc... you must use mass to isolate your space. 


My studios are designed with two layers of 5/8" sheetrock placed on top of each other to create a 1 1/4" wall. Metal studs are better than wood because they're less rigid and transmit less sound. The room must also be and doors are usually the worst culprit here. 


There are lots of good resources on the web about acoustic isolation, but foam alone will only make a room won't make it quiet.