Using a Virtual Mixing Board

Using a Virtual Mixing Board


Pointing out the pros & co

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Pointing out the pros & cons is fair but I'd like to be given the option of using a hardware mixer (control surface) with Premiere Pro. I've used Prem Pro's virtual audio mixer. I don't care for it. I've posted that at Adobe's "feature request" for years but as yet I haven't seen any indication they've heard me. There are plenty of 3rd party mixing boards that could do the job if Adobe would make the drivers available. I'm sure it's more complicated then that but, come on Adobe. Most of the other NLE's have done it. Maybe now that Prem. Pro runs on Mac, Adobe will step up & give Final Cut Pro even more competition. Even with all the advances in video, there are plenty of poor visuals out there. I think we all know good audio can help save poor video. (I believe George Lucus said that.) But really...would it kill Adobe to give editors the option of using hardware to help create better audio?

nice run down. i still thi

nice run down. i still think the "big" player in the NLEs( final Cut, Adobe Premier, Edius, Avid) are too behind in the audio part. i have for the last two years tried my hand at sony Vegas and am too thrilled at the ease with which this software handles sound not to mention video editing functions!!!!. in my opinion Vegas will soon become the gunner in the NLE world.