Shooting for 3D

Shooting for 3D


I really enjoyed seeing th

I really enjoyed seeing this article in the new issue. It was the first story that I flipped to. I hope that you do more articles on 3-D creating. And not with the new 3D cameras. I like the how-tos on the dual camera setup. I feel they have more opportunities to create more authentic 3D.

Some good points on the te

Some good points on the technical aspects of shooting 3D but something I didn't get: "Oh, and if you get the urge to have a sharp pokey thing fly straight at the camera to scare the audience, do yourself a favor: Don't. It didn't work in 1955, and it doesn't work now." What's the point of inducing headaches to the audience if there isn't a payoff of things flying out at them? Not doing that seems to waste the whole 3D gimmick

If government is the answer, the question must have been WTF?