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Projects that Pay

In regards to your Viewfinder column that asks what producers can do to earn income through video: In the 1980s I had a service called Visual Conversions, converting photo and film to video, which expanded to Family Visuals where I added graphics, narration, and music to create really cool home movies. That was then. Today I offer a community education class where I teach the basics of how to compile the various mediums into a digital format and editing using iMovie or Windows Moviemaker. While this is great for some people, especially younger, computer literate folks, many want more and will pay for a professional family visual. This is a good source of income for video producers.

Greg Anderson

MSVcTV (a public access TV station)

Thanks, Greg, you’re right. Personal biographies or legacy biographies are a wonderful way someone can pass their life story onto their grandkids. Finding subjects interested in sharing their stories are as close as your family and friends, the charity organization you belong to, your health club and your next door neighbor. Staying organized with all the materials you need for biographies can be a challenge, as you’re usually dealing with a lifetime of images that have changed format every 10 years from film to VHS to DVD and beyond!
-The Editors


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How to Make a Doc

Thanks for a great article on Documentary Story Development!

I am a 78 year old retiree and have been producing video for our local origination channel here in Carroll County Maryland since 1989. Rarely have I looked at what I have been doing in a way quite like what you article suggests as they all have primarily been narrative in design.

Author Morgan Paar wrote: “Who besides myself will watch this program?” I asked myself that question now that I am embarked on a new series for the county Department of Public Works that is of a historical nature – I believe I now have a whole new grasp on my message. I have started rewriting the various segmented scripts to try and convey what your article suggests – I look at some of the plethora of footage and pictures that I plan to include and my thought processes run amok trying to decide the best approach for that segment. It will be an interesting summer.

Thanks for a fine article – I will be looking forward to the remaining three parts. Even though there is no commercial element to these productions there may be in some of my future personal endeavors.

R. Walton Johnson

Westminster, MD

Thank you, Mr. Johnson. This was part 1 “Story Development”, Check out part 2 on Funding, Financing and Budgeting. and Part 3 Shooting and Editing. Part 4, will be on “Distribution – Getting your Video Seen” and will be in the November 2010 issue. Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed the lesson.
-The Editors

Wants More info for Reviews

I would really appreciate it when you did reviews of products in the future, particularly software packages, if one of the things you reviewed was the ability to contact anyone from technical service or customer service. Many software companies have adopted a policy of email correspondence only when it comes to communicating. This drives a person crazy if you don’t want to wait days between each response. I recently purchased Studio 14 by Avid, and a Blu-ray burning package by Cyberlink. Avid has outsourced all its first line service, and Cyberlink is made in Taiwan. If that info had been in the reviews, I would not have purchased either. Please consider this as part of the criteria that you use when you evaluate programs in the future. Thank You,

Brent Clapp

Good idea, Brent, and we don’t think it would be too hard to include that “test” in our reviews. We’ll look into getting that placed into the outlines our reviewers use. We agree, this is a VERY frustrating process when things go wrong and no one is there to help. Our Managing Editor recently had to contact someone regarding an internet link going down and she kept getting the same automated reply, even though they tried to appear to personalize it… that was even more frustrating than no reply at all! Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming.
-The Editors

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