Reader Profile - Artis White

Name: Artis White

Cameras: Panasonic HPX 170, Panasonic HPX 300

Computer: Windows 7 64 bit, self built

Editing Platform: Adobe Premiere CS4 Master Suite

Microphones: Azden wireless Lav mic, Sennheiser Shotgun mic.

Support Gear: Newtek Tricaster, Varizoom MC 100.


Fifteen years ago, there I was. Freezing. Propped up behind an old Canon video camera, rubbing my hands together, trying to stay warm but trying not to rock the van to give away my position. Then it happens. Suspect #1 walks by the surveillance van and I capture the grainiest, most out of focus video of a Crime suspect you have ever seen; all while trying to figure out why the heck the “DEW” light keeps blinking. That’s how I received my training for video “production”, as a Detective Sergeant for the Michigan State Police Organized Crime Unit.

That was then. Now, with 22 years on the force, (I don’t know if I’m any better at it), it’s still a lot of fun! I have to attribute my increased desire for video to Videomaker. I never purchased any video equipment until I saw it either tested or mentioned in Videomaker magazine. Last year, I produced and directed the full length film “Living Accused – Injustice Hurts Everyone”. Since then, I have videotaped live productions and weddings and I’m now learning how to produce commercials.


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In three years when I retire, I would like to produce videos full time. Until then, I’ll keep Videomaker by my side to improve my skills.Videomaker is an excellent avenue to ask a question or read an article and I never feel threatened about your lack of knowledge. In my many years as a police officer or producing videos with my own company, Expressions Video, I have met a ton of experts and amateurs through Videomaker who were always willing to give me a hand with anything.

Today, I shoot better surveillance video from the back of an old beat up van that (now) HAS heat. Humm…is that why the DEW light doesn’t blink anymore???

Artis White, Producer Expressions Video

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