Reader Profile: Henry Tenby

Vital Stats

Name: Henry Tenby
Age: 44
Cameras: Sony DSR-PD150, Sony HVR-A1U HD, Sony Digital8 DCR-TRV460
Editing Platform: Pinnacle Studio 9
Microphone: Azden SGM-1X shotgun mic
Support Gear: a Manfrotto 128RC video fluid head tripod along with a Flycam 5000
Sample Videos: DVD titles and DVD preview clips are all on my website:

About Me

I hail from Vancouver, Canada, and have been an avid airline fan since my childhood. I started as a hobby taking Kodachrome slides of airliners in the 80s, and got my first video cam (an RCA Hi8) in 1991.

My special interest is filming and documenting classic airliners in their twilight years. I have traveled extensively to remote locations visiting off-the-beaten-track airlines and airports documenting vintage Boeing 707s, DC-8s, Lockheed Electras, HS748s, and other classic and now extinct airliner types so that future generations can see and re-live the bygone era that brought us today’s mass air travel. I believe I am one of the few people on Earth targeting this very unique niche.


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I’ve been self-employed with aviation websites since 1999, and launched the aviation DVD business in 2002. I now have over 30 DVD titles that I market via my own website and through aviation hobby shops and pilot shops worldwide. (I don’t sell my DVDs on Amazon as UPC codes are cost prohibitive for my low volume niche.) I’m always looking for classic airline footage (16mm or video) for future projects and welcome hearing from new contacts and friends.

I edit from my home office using Pinnacle Studio 9 (which I find the most stable as their later versions are very buggy), and I use Photoshop for my DVD cover art.

In 2003 I bought a Sony Digital8 TRV460 to replace the worn out RCA Hi8 cam. The TRV460 is great for digitizing my old Hi8 tapes. In 2005 I bought a second-hand Sony PD150, and in 2007 I got the Sony HVR-A1U HD cam. So far, the HD footage from the HVR-A1U has all been down-coverted by the cam to my PC.

My next big purchase will be a new PC that can edit HD footage so I can offer my customers HD content I use a third party DVD duplication house for my retail DVD inventory, which I then manually stuff in cases with flyers before shrink-wrapping.
Henry Tenby, Producer

My Affiliate Websites (video site for aviation fans.. which I load with adverts for my DVDs and other aviation sites) (aviation photo and video gallery site .. which I had custom built from the ground up and will eventually market the website code when time allows) (my original site from 1999, an aircraft slide auction website).
My book: “AIR-TO-AIR: Ultimate Airline Photography” – Rail Slide auction site – Airline DVDs – The Ultimate photo/video software – Cross Border Shopping Forum

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