Video for the Troops

Ed Deet, owner of Video View Productions, has been working to send video messages from home to troops overseas. With his video production background, he visited military families in his local area in New York and helped videotape the messages to their loved ones. The local connection was so well-received that he began offering his services to anyone in the US – for free. The production company offers the video messages to any troop member anywhere in the world – anytime, all the time – totally free. He accepts no donations or financial support, as his gift to the troops, their family and friends. The publicity he received with this program got the attention of the president of the New York Broadcasters Association and the film and TV department of Siena College. With his help, Siena now has a Television Club that also helps to send video messages overseas, and the New York Broadcasters Association has financed a new production studio for the college.

Go to to read more about Ed Deet’s Bring Home to Iraq program, and check out the students’ Behind the Scenes video at


Our hometown of Chico, California, was host to the second annual Greendance Film Festival this past March. The Greendance Festival draws worldwide attendees and brings movies from all over the globe. The focus is on films that portray stories about the environment and social issues. It featured such films as King Corn and Garden Insects and movies like Happy Feet that enlighten kids about environmental issues. This year’s festival included film viewings, international speakers on environmental issues, art classes and a juried film competition. Watch our Film Festivals page
for announcements of next year’s event. You can learn more about Greendance at

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