Digital Juice

Digital Juice’s Swipes! consist of full-screen animated wipes bundled with matching custom sound effects. Ten thematic volumes are available, each with 30 transitions in both standard- and high-definition video formats and 60 optional coordinated sound effects.

Suggested Retail Price:

$99 per volume

Other World Computing

OWC’s Mercury Elite-AL Pro Dual 2.0TB RAID Solution is a two-drive A/V-rated RAID 0 claiming data transfer rates of over 80MB/sec. The array utilizes 7200rpm drives and OWC’s custom Oxford 924-based SATA-to-FireWire 800/FireWire 400/USB 2.0 bridge board.

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Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design’s Intensity Pro preserves the HDMI capture and playback capabilities of the original Intensity card and adds the ability to capture and play back both NTSC and PAL video over analog component and S-Video connections.

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