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Videomaker Presents: Vidcasting!

Videomaker Presents has a new look, bringing you more tips and tricks along with more video sharing news, concise technology news, and a deeper look at the techniques some of our producers used in our Take 20 segment. Tune in, join the fun, join the show, and be part of this new growing trend in video making!

The Segments

  • Video Bits & Bytes: The latest industry news in video production, business acquisitions, and video sharing.
  • Take 20: At look at videos by producers like you, sharing tips from lighting, camera techniques, editing and more.
  • Tips & Tricks: Some of our editor’s favorite tricks and techniques.
  • Hands On: A detailed look at some of the gear we review.

Our most recent episodes of Videomaker Presents: Episode 48

Video Bits & Bytes: Mark and John share news from CES, the International Consumer Electronics Show held annually in Las Vegas, and Charlie and Derek flew to San Francisco for the annual Macworld Expo.

Tips & Tricks: Jennifer and John once again go out in the field to answer some confusing questions about screen direction.


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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Take 20: Mark and Charlie look at The Life of a Candy Bar Wrapper, an animated short by Jonathan Harchick.

Hands On: Charlie tells us about the features of SoundTech’s Lightsnake.

See blog 1/18/07 for URLs of stories we talked about on this show.

Episode 49

Video Bits & Bytes: Mark tells us about an announcement from Seagate: the world’s fastest drives that run at 15,000 rpm… good news for video editors. Derek’s video sharing news talks about Stockstock, joost, HDfest and Grindhouse. Stockstock is a film fest using stock footage and remixing, joost is a new venture from the same team that brought us Skype. HDfest is a traveling HD video festival that will be in NYC the same weekend that Videomaker is having its New York Summit. The Grindhouse trailer contest at hdforindies.com gives video producers the chance to make a trailer for the upcoming Tarantino-Rodriguez film scheduled for release this summer.

Tips & Tricks: John and Jennifer have tips on Time Control: using timelapse, shadows, and other tricks to artistically edit down long shots and denote the passing of time.

Take 20: Charlie and Mark share The Painter, by Don Langley of Bowling Green, KY.

Hands On: Mark looks at Magic Bullet Colorista by Red Giant Software.

See blog 1/23/07 for URLs of stories we talked about on this show.

Episode 50

Video Bits & Bytes: Mark has video industry news from across the water: JVC releasing 40GB Everio camcorders in Japan. Will we see these cams in the states? Watch the show! In our Video Sharing segment, Derek tells us about Livevideo, a YouTube-like site that has a good number of “channels” with produced entertaining Internet TV shows. Check out Soup of the Day. He also spent a day in San Francisco visiting Meet-Up 2.0.

Tips & Tricks: Jennifer and John show you realistic ways to fake a fall… and some of the props and skills you’ll need to pull them off.

Take 20: Mark and Charlie look at Rec Talkin’ by Todd Hanson, Orlando, FL.

Hands On: Charlie demos Sonic DVDit Pro HD by Roxio.

See blog 2/04/07 for URLs of stories we talked about on this show.

Episode 51

Our One-year Anniversary! This was a special show and we invited several past and current hosts to come on and talk about Videomaker Presents’ humble beginnings. We talked about where we hope to go in the future and also unveiled our Grand Prize Winner of the Videomaker/Sony 2006 Short Video Contest, Jeff Petersen of Granger, Indiana, with his funny family video called Overkill. Watch the next few months’ consecutive shows to see announcements of other winners from our contest, and read all about it in next month’s issue of Videomaker magazine.

We will try to post the web sites we mention on each week’s show to our blog every Tuesday, so check that out at videomaker.com/blogs. Watch the show, Videomaker Presents at videomaker.com/vidcast or find it on any of your favorite RSS feeds.

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