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Videomaker Presents is growing. Check out the changes we’ve made!

If you haven’t watched lately, you’re missing out! We shoot a show weekly, and we’ve
added more tips and tricks and Hands-on segments. You can get the vidcast via your favorite RSS download, or go to our Web site, videomaker.com/vidcast, to view individual segments.

  • Check out News & Technology for the latest industry news in video production, business acquisitions, and video sharing.
  • Learn what makes a good video better and critique along with us with Take 20, tips from lighting to helping coach more believable actors to camera techniques and more. See our Web site for our rating description on the 20 points we use.
  • Tips & Techniques explains some of our editor’s favorite techniques to make your video production easier.
  • and Hands On, our newest segment, gives you a more detailed look at some of the gear we review.

Here’s a sample of a few of our recent episodes:

  • Episode 34 In NEWS & TECHNOLOGY, we look at the latest video sharing partnership between Yahoo and Current TV, and talk about Disney’s rise to the top with its latest iTunes involvement. TIPS & TECHNIQUES looks at setting up a home network that incorporates video and explains the difference between two types of shooting style, “Shoot to Show” and “Shoot to Edit.” We critique Armed Conflict, a Videomaker Short Story contest winner from 2004, in TAKE 20, and Matt York’s VIEWFINDER discusses the many ways video producers can monetize their video producing hobby.
  • Episode 35 In our NEWS & TECHNOLOGY segment, we talk about Warner’s involvement with YouTube… is this the beginning of the corporate squeeze for the small-time producer? In our TIPS & TECHNIQUES segment, our editors look at some nice creative tips on shooting still pictures for your video production. This episode’s TAKE 20 analyzes the PSA Open Door Home, which was produced as a classroom project by Elliott Yancey, Daniel Ramsey, Erika Bustamante and Amy Potts of Mount Berry, Georgia. And Matt York looks at ITV, and how videos on the Internet are now making their way into the living room.
  • Episode 36 This was our special “Halloween” edition, and we showed you how we made our Green Screen monsters from our October issue in TIPS & TECHNIQUES. Our costumed editors also had fun with R.I.P.T.V. in our TAKE 20 segment, taking a look at the “lighter” side of death in a series produced by Richard Falzone. In NEWS & TECHNOLOGY, we talked about Adobe’s acquisition of Serious Magic and what it might mean to users of both softwares. We’ve just launched our new Web site and we introduced you to some new features we’ve added to make your online Videomaker experience even better. In our first HANDS ON segment, Mark and Matt examine Sony’s Hi-Def FX7.
  • Episode 37 In our NEWS & TECHNOLOGY segment, we talk about the YouTube videos that show politicians in their real element, uncut and uncensored. We also look at the latest news on the AMD and ATI merger. In TIPS & TECHNIQUES, we talk about a few camcorder recycling tips to bring new life to that old faithful instrument, and we show you a couple of quick editing tricks. TAKE 20, in this episode, looks at 100% Compatible by John Fischer, a well-produced video you’ll want to play over and over to see “how did he DO that.” And we open up a new Gateway Workstation and check under the hood in our HANDS ON segment.

Please watch the shows and send us your feedback… Videomaker is all about sharing, teaching, and learning with the video community, and we’re always growing and changing with your help.

YouTube and Videomaker, too!

That’s right, Videomaker Magazine is partnering with YouTube to help online content producers create better video. Videomaker will be supplying the best tutorials and articles from the magazine’s 20 year run to YouTube’s Video Toolbox (www.youtube.com/t/video_toolbox), helping new video producers master a new media.

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