How to Make a Movie: Low Budget, Big Bang

How to Make a Movie: Low Budget, Big Bang


If you want to avoid burni

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If you want to avoid burning down the studio, blowing breakers in the middle of shooting a brilliant performance or if you just want to pass a tech test remember this: W=VA, Watts equals Voltage times Amperage and use "West Virginia" as a mnemonic to remember it. Check the breaker panel for the amperage of the circuit you are plugging into - it's on the breaker. In commercial buildings or homes it's commonly 20 amps. Voltage is a standard 120V. The wattage is on the lamp, for instance, 500w. So, for the light mentioned in the article, a 20 amp circuit, at 120V should support 2400 Watts in each circuit; five/500w lights would be one too many, but 2000W (four lights) should be fine. BUT, DON'T FORGET THE AMPS OF THE CABLES (CHORDS). In this example a 20 amp cable would be fine, but a 15 amp cable would fry the cable and blow the breaker. You could put two 500w lights on each of two 10 amp cables and plug them both into one 20 amp circuit. Why chance it? Find more circuits.

 Don't mean to unmotivate

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 Don't mean to unmotivate anyone, but you should be aware of the other issues such as nobody wanting to act in your movie, help shoot it or help at all. I often found myself as the only cast and crew member because the people I was working with gave up the second day. I guess the best way to make a good indie film is to just do it yourself- entirely. Then come the fabulous technical issues(bad audio, video, editing went wrong). Forget the lack of experience. Just grab a camera and make a found footage in your basement- It's cheap and works best.

 Or just go for a movie with no dialogue at all. This way you won't go through the trouble of syncing the audio and re-recording every character's lines all over again. Wrote an article on how much I hate dialogue a while ago