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Ever drove 200 miles into the desert with a high-tension client, then realized you left your camcorder back at base? Had your camcorder go wacky on you just as the bride began her walk down the aisle? Got to the end of your tape seconds before your team made the winning point?

Everyone has a video horror story to tell, and we'd like to hear it. Write us a short paragraph or two on what your video horror was, and how you remedied it, and it might be included in the October 2006 issue, aptly planned for "Horrors from the Video Deep" Halloween tales. Please send all submissions to editor@videomaker.com and write "Video Horror Story" in the subject heading. All stories must be received by June 1st for consideration in our upcoming article.

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How to Make a

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The open-source, freely-downloadable podcast/vidcast client DTV has been rechristened Democracy Player. The program, which is still in beta at the time of this writing, is notable as one of the few RSS aggregators out there that handles BitTorrent enclosures and plays video back in full screen mode. The program is currently available for Windows and Mac OS X; while an alpha version for developers is currently available for Linux users.


Videomaker Presents Videomaker!

We are proud to announce the introduction of Videomaker Presents, our foray into the world of vidcasting. Each episode features the editors of Videomaker covering the very latest in product announcements, answering viewer and reader questions, and showing video submissions from readers.

You can subscribe to Videomaker Presents on our Web site at www.videomaker.com/vidcast, or via iTunes, FireANT and other podcast/vidcast aggregators, or you can add http://www.videomaker.com/vidcast/rss.php to your RSS receiver of choice. (Note that if you had a link to the Videomaker Vidcast, which was the pilot of the program which became Videomaker Presents, your link needs to be updated.)

Speaking of new services, Videomaker is now blogging the latest goings-on in the world of videography at www.videomaker.com/blog. We post the latest video-related information as we come across it. Come check it out!


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