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As you know, our mission at Videomaker is to democratize television. But we are not the only ones. Brightcove shares our goal. While we show you primarily how to make media, Brightcove will help you get it seen. Many are already watching video on their computers and we're right around the corner from watching and sharing content on cell phones, palm pilots and MP3 players. Check out Brightcove's flash introduction on its website.

A Digital Silo Full of Footage
Scare tactics aside ("DVDs Won't Last as Long as You Think"), Digital Silo looks like a great service. After signing up over the internet and paying your initial $9.95 yearly membership, Digital Silo sends you an empty box in which to put your videotapes, film reels and/or DVD media. Post this back to them and within a week your footage will be converted to multiple, high-resolution, broadcast quality, digital formats including Windows Media, MPEG-4, RealVideo and QuickTime. They also claim to digitally enhance and color correct the footage. They then send you back your original footage (along with a DVD copy of each reel and tape) and now you, or anyone you choose, can view the footage from anywhere in the world by streaming or downloading from the Internet or even watching via cell phone. This needs to be tested but if their claims are true, this looks like a great service indeed. As of June 7th of this year, Digital Silo claims to have over 20,000 hours of media stored.

Video made them Panic Struck
Anyone who has had large ambitions to make a narrative film-on-video and has followed through with that dream, would sympathize with these folks for the name they choose for their production company: Panic Struck Productions. Three years later, Shane Felux (director) and Dawn Cowings (screen writer) finished their 40-minute high tech, high concept Star Wars fan film: Revelations. They accomplished all of this around 9-5 jobs, families, kids and bills. They accumulated $20,000 on the credit cards which included the purchase of a Canon XL1s (from eBay), computers and Adobe Premiere Pro. All of the actors worked for free, some driving 4-8 hours after taking time off of work, twenty-five of them bringing their own Storm Troopers costume. Not yet impressed? Nearly 1 million others already have watched the trailer.

World Traveling Rabbit with a Video Camera
If you have a TV-watching child between the ages of four and eight, go ask them who Buster is. If you don't, we'll tell you: he is a talking rabbit who is friends with a talking aardvark named Arthur. They have a daily show on PBS and a healthy web presence that includes some well-made, informative video. The stream comes in QuickTime or RealPlayer with big and small options for both. You might just find yourself looking over your child's shoulder at these short 2-minute videos.

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