Getting Your Video Seen

I thought your article on Peer-to-Peer video in the March 2005 issue of Videomaker magazine was excellent. You may wish to look into 2 such companies offering this type of internet-to-television peer to peer service. They are DAVE ( who was recently in the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show and Timeshift ( These companies are soon offering TV programming (both peer-to-peer and regular viewing) through the Internet and onto your TV set (DVD quality picture and sound). An article on such companies would be awesome. Keep up the great work.
Dean Chaudhry

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Digital Juice Responds

Thanks for reviewing Digital Juice's StackTraxx production music in your January 2005 issue and for recognizing it as one of the Best Products of 2004 in your February 2005 issue. We are very proud of the product and we knew that you and your readers would love it. Thanks for the many favorable remarks and observations.

I appreciate your critical remarks as well. We are now working hard to address the reviewer's one complaint: our documentation. I wanted to write you this letter to let the Videomaker community know that we are in the process of creating a series of user's manuals for all of our products (including StackTraxx). Thanks for helping us make our great products even better.

Chuck Peters

Director of Marketing & Promotions

Digital Juice. Inc.


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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Loves the Videomaker Workshop

To all the wonderful people at Videomaker, thank you! I had the chance to attend one of your recent workshops and I really enjoyed the experience. I learned a lot about some of the fine-tuning techniques that make for a good production and I learned about different types of equipment that would suit my needs.

I am just starting out my own wedding video business, and the workshop was a good jump-start for me to get my creative thoughts better organized. I couldn't believe that we would plan, shoot, edit and complete a video project in such a short amount of time. And the networking idea with other attendees was great, I've already been in contact with other people from our group. Keep up the good work.

Danny Hagey


Thank you, Danny. The Videomaker staff enjoys putting on the seminars and workshops and we're glad you had an enjoyable experience. For other readers interested in attending our workshops or seminars, you'll find information on the workshops, seminars and our Expo conferences in the magazine or online at

— The Editors

Thank you Videomaker!

I stopped by your booth at NAB to tell your staff how happy I am to have discovered your magazine. I had never touched a camcorder until I picked up my first Videomaker magazine three years ago. I now have my own small video business, and today I am preparing for a trip to Africa to shoot a documentary. Thank you, Videomaker.

Jason Sloan

Las Vegas, NV


Our March 2005 review of the Solitaire model of the MacroSystem Casablanca Edit System stated that the Solitaire reads and writes to DVD and CD. However, Jason Horodyski of MacroSystem confirms that the Solitaire does read and write DVD and reads CD but DOES NOT write to CD. We regret any inconvenience to readers and MacroSystem regarding this error.

In the article "One Mean Post Production Machine", on page 34 of the March 2005 issue of Videomaker magazine, we pictured three editing products with incorrect prices and URLs. The products should have been listed as: Pinnacle Studio Plus editing software,, $99, Ulead VideoStudio 8 editing software,, $100 and Plextor PX-AV100U video capture device, $79. We apologize to the companies and our readers for this error.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.