Over the past year, the writers and editors of Videomaker Magazine have reviewed all sorts of tools useful in the craft of videography. We’ve used camcorders, microphones, mixers, light kits, reflectors, video editing software, audio editing software, computers, DVD authoring tools and more.

We’ve toggled, switched, depressed, manipulated, wired, pushed, pulled and jiggled every button, slider, switch, and cable to see how they operate and how well they fit into our video-making lives.

We’ve published these reviews throughout the year in our regular monthly issues, but we thought it might be handy for you to have a sampling of them compiled under the same cover. This should help with any end-of-the-year purchasing decisions you have to make. This special issue, therefore, runs the gamut from tools needed for capturing images to those needed for mastering the final edit. It touches on some products outstanding in their categories and others that simply do what they are supposed to do. It praises those features we liked and records any reservations we may have had.

To understand any of the products reviewed in this issue in a greater context, visit our online buyer’s guides at www.videomaker.com. They show how each product compares, in price and features, with others in its category. If you’re new to the world of video making or plan to add new gear to your toolbox, these reviews of just a few of the camcorders, editing systems and associated accessories we’ve seen this past year should help you along your way to good shooting and editing. We hope these reviews will give you the information you need to select the video gear that is right for you. Above all, we hope you enjoy the whole process of making videos.

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