Advertising & Editorial Ethics

Videomaker is supported in large part by advertisers, but we will not jeopardize the trust of our audience by allowing advertisers to influence the editorial direction of our articles, reviews, videos or live events.

We don’t accept money in exchange for reviews, as we have a strict policy against paid endorsements. The editorial staff treats companies that don’t advertise with Videomaker the same as those that do.

Content containing paid brand participation is never disguised as editorial content. It is our goal to clearly label this type of content as advertising.

All reviews, articles and videos are decided upon by our editorial team, regardless of the goals of our ad-sales department. The decision to review a specific product or not is made based solely on the interest and needs of our audience.

We will occasionally link to a retail site where we collect affiliate revenue. Our editorial content is not influenced by affiliate programs or partners.

While it is our goal to be as accurate as possible, inaccuracies are occasionally published. When an inaccuracy is discovered, it is our goal to correct it as swiftly as possible. This manifests as online articles revised in-line, videos revised and re-uploaded and print corrections published in the next issue to hit the press.

Giveaways & Sweepstakes
We occasionally give gear away, and occasionally this gear is donated by advertisers. Giveaways should not be construed as an endorsement of the specific product we’re giving away, nor the brand associated with it.

Editorial Opinions
The opinions of our writers and editors are their own and do not represent the opinions of Videomaker or York Publishing.

Comment Moderation
We encourage an open and healthy community, and will not moderate comments that are factually accurate, regardless of how critical they are toward Videomaker, its advertisers, or the subjects of our content. However, we will remove comments that are slanderous, libelous, threatening, overtly offensive or insulting, or that offer no constructive value.