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Hollyland Lark M2

NAB 2024: Hollyland Lark M2 wins Best Wireless Mic

Congratulations to the Hollyland team. The Hollyland Lark is taking home our Best Wireless Mic of NAB 2024 award. The Hollyland Lark M2 really impressed us. It's able to capture high-quality sound at such an...

Aputure INFINIMAT — the new inflatable lighting solution

This week at NAB, we’re taking a close look at the new Aputure INFINIMAT line of LED soft lights. These full-color, pixelated, IP65-rated lights even come with their own inflatable softboxes — a lightweight...

NAB 2024: JVC KY-PZ540 Series wins best PTZ Camera

Congratulations to JVC; we're pleased to announce the JVC KY-PZ540 Series PTZ Cameras with 40x Zoom is the winner of our Best Camera of NAB 2024 award. Being the first-ever PTZ camera with a 40x...
Atomos Sun Dragon

Atomos Sun Dragon gives new meaning to “flexible lighting”

The Atomos Sun Dragon offers a unique take on cinema lighting. Presented as the “world’s first sun spectrum, 5-color HDR LED production strip lighting system with wired, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity,” the Sun Dragon...

NAB 2024: DJI RS4 Pro wins Best Gimbal

Taking home the award for Best Gimbal of NAB 2024 is the DJI RS4 Pro. This new gimbal system offers innovative tools for hand-held shoting.

NAB 2024: Frame.io V4 is the Best Collaboration and Review Platform

Congrats to the Adobe and Frame.io team; Frame.io V4 is the Best Collaboration and Review Platform of NAB 2024.
DJI Focus Pro

NAB 2024: DJI Focus Pro wins Best Camera Accessory

Congratulations to DJI; the DJI Focus Pro is our pick for the Best Camera Accessory of NAB 2024 award this year.
Irix Cine 65mm T1.5

NAB 2024: Irix Cine 65mm T1.5 wins Best Lens

Congratulations to Irix and the Irix Cine 65mm T1.5. This short telephoto cinema lens is taking home the award for Best Lens of NAB 2024.
Atomos Ninja Phone

NAB 2024: Atomos Ninja Phone wins Best Smartphone Accessory

Congratulations to the Atomos Ninja Phone, taking home Videomaker’s award for Best Smartphone Accessory of NAB 2024.
Sennheiser HD 490 PRO reference studio headphones

NAB 2024: Sennheiser HD 490 PRO takes home Best Headphones

Designed to take on the complexity of modern sound design, the Sennheiser HD 490 PRO is our pick for Best Headphones of NAB 2024.

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Videomaker Plus

Shure MV7+
Shure has announced its latest hybrid XLR/USB dynamic microphone, the Shure MV7+, and it looks to be a step up from the previous model.
Panasonic LUMIX S5IIX
Panasonic has announced significant firmware updates for its LUMIX S5II and S5IIX full-frame mirrorless cameras.
Samsung announces faster EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards
Samsung has announced the launch of updated versions of its EVO Select and EVO Plus microSD cards.
Acer Predator Helios Neo 14
Acer has announced its latest gaming laptop, the Predator Helios Neo 14. It comes with the latest Intel Core Ultra processors.
NAB 2024 — Events and products to watch
NAB 2024 is almost here; it's time to take a look what this year’s event has in store for the broadcasting and media industry.





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