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YouTubers raise money for Black Lives Matter

Many social media influencers are using their platforms to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement and how people can make a difference.

We’re all YouTubers now

Taken from the Videomaker Podcast #22.

Being a professional YouTuber

We talk to Chris Nichols and Jordan Drake of DP Review TV, have a discussion about the importance of the subscriber count on YouTube, and speaking of YouTube, we try to decide if it’s OK to be edgy again.
YouTube is planning a new program that should earn edgy creators more money

Edgy YouTubers could finally get advertiser support

It's hard for edgy YouTubers to get advertiser support on the platform. YouTube is looking into a program that could make it easier for that to happen.
YouTube will no hear demands of the YouTubers Union

YouTube will not negotiate with the YouTubers Union

YouTube has said they’re not open to negotiations with the YouTubers Union, however Google Germany did invite the union to meet and talk.
Google is working on a service called Fundo

Google’s Fundo sets up money-making events for YouTubers

Google’s Area 120 lab has been secretly working on an events-centered crowdfunding service called Fundo, opening a new way for YouTubers to make money.
YouTubers Union is standing up to YouTube

YouTubers Union collabs with Europe’s largest trade union to demand transparency

The Community-based YouTubers Union has tried to fight back against YouTube, but never had the power to do much. However now, it has the supports it needs.

YouTuber attempts to shoot cinematic video with a $94 camera

You don’t need a RED or ARRI to shoot a video that's ready for the big screen. But is it possible to shoot a cinematic video on a cheap camera under a $100?
William Gregory Douglas

YouTuber Conspiracy Theorist Arrested for Ploting to Kill YouTube’s CEO

William Gregory Douglas, a 35-year-old man, was arrested by the FBI last week for threatening to kill multiple YouTube employees and CEO Susan Wojcicki.
YouTube logo being displayed on a smartphone with earphone plugged into the phone

YouTubes Creators for Change is Back with Even More Talented YouTubers Speaking out Against...

YouTube is welcoming 47 creators into its Creators for Change program this year.The Creators for Change program, which was started in 2016, spotlights inspiring...

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