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Stock media: How to find and use the best stock photos, videos, music and...

Acquiring stock media and editing it into your project is very often faster, cheaper and much more convenient than creating that media yourself.

RGB LED lighting: Creative uses for photos and videos

With the ubiquity of cheap LEDs, the sky’s the limit for the creative filmmaker. But besides just lighting a scene, what can you do with RGB LEDs?

Why pre-production is essential for all videos and films

Pre-production is dreaded by many; some consider it tedious, non-creative work.

Getting paid to make travel videos

On this episode, we have a conversation with travel vlogger Juliana Broste; we talk about how to get the best video possible out of a mobile phone; and we argue about whether or not anyone really needs 6K video.
Shutterstock Reverse Image Search

It is now easier to search for Shutterstock videos

Shutterstock has launched reverse image search for videos on their platform. This feature should make it easier for you to search for Shutterstock videos.
Soon people will be able to get more relevant video clips in Google searches

Google search will highlight most important parts of videos

Google is looking to make search for specific information much easier. It's announced it's looking to offer highlight the most important parts of videos.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki supports the freedom of creators that upload YouTube videos

YouTube CEO argues platform supports all YouTube videos

With over 2 billion users uploading YouTube videos on the platform, things get crazy. But YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says YouTube is open to all content.
YouTube app on phone

YouTube is removing targeted advertisement on kid videos

YouTube is in the final stages of its plans to end targeted advertisements on videos for kids. This move however could take a hit to YouTube’s ad sales.

How to overcome your fear of making YouTube videos

Have you tried to make a video but felt incredibly embarrassed? Did you feel the camera “judging you”? Here’s how to get over this fear so you can make your video.
Here are four tips to make the most out of your background in your action camera shoots

4 background tips that’ll make you action videos look pro

Your action video needs the right background to be the best it can be. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your backgrounds.

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